Dec 062014

tokuohHi, are you an anime fan? Hey, have you noticed all those tokusatsu references in anime recently? Hell, have you noticed how a whole bunch of anime pretty much ARE tokusatsu? No? Well, ain’t you sick of being LAME and unknowingly only enjoying some shows 3/4 or 4/5 as much as you would otherwise? Don’t worry, it ain’t your fault. As popular as the original Power Rangers were, it created a stigma due to their tendency to hire rejects and dropouts from the Porn Star School of Acting.

But this here post? Well, if you’ve got an opened mind, here are some recommendations for anime fans who might wanna delve into tokusatsu.

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Nov 122014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I picked this guy up at my local Tesco for a pretty good price. But then I popped onto ye ol’ internet and was aghast at the lack of reviews on this guy. There’s a couple YouTube reviews of the SDCC exclusive version, but love for regular ol’ mass retail release Snarl here was dreadfully lacking. So here’s my take on this guy, and I might even refrain from my usual arbitrary swearing.

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