Apr 192014

tony Hey, remember the Power Puff Girls anime where they had decent designs but totally missed the point because they apparently used the PPG movie as their point of reference? Or how about the various Marvel anime like Blade, Ironman, Wolverine and the X-Men (see what I did there?)? Or heck, remember when Spider-Man piloted a giant transforming mecha whilst on a really obvious shoestring budget? Whatev’s man, the point is, this ain’t Japan’s first foray at turning western properties into anime. Like the PPG anime, Marvel DISK War: The Avengers, is totally kiddified. And to top it off, this show is soooooo merchandise driven.

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Apr 102014

winterOK, so I wrote a pretty nasty thing about Thor 2 back in November when that piece of shit got released. That thing turned me off on some many levels, and because of that I really wanted to write off the whole Marvel movie thing as a whole. God damn did that thing suck.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t expecting all that much from the new Captain America movie. Sure, everything I heard about it sounded like it was my kind of movie. It was supposed to be more of a modern spy thriller thing with government conspiracies, getting all Tom Clancy up in the place. But Thor 2 did a number on me and my tolerance for these movies. It went right past my SDC and straight to my HP.

Turns out all of that didn’t matter. Winter Soldier and Thor 2 are pretty much diametrically opposed to one another, at least as far as my fucked up fanboy mindset is concerned. Everything the latter did wrong, the former does right.

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Apr 012014

gunpraSo yeah, Gundam Build Fighters season 1 has wrapped up. This series is definitely a different take on Gundam. We had something similar with Gunpla Builders Beginning, so the question is whether GBF was able to exceed GBB. Anyways, I’m thinking Landon’s not a HUGE Gundam fan, so I’m gonna feel free in discussing not just GBF, but my love of Gundam as a whole. Details and a surprisingly large number of screenshots after the jump.


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