Is My Hero Academia Worth Watching

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Jul 302018

Since the original release of My Hero Academia, also officially known as Boku no Hero Academia, in the summer of 2016 – it’s remained a hit. Though despite how popular it’s gotten, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant on watching the series for myself. I’m usually against jumping on bandwagons, and this seems to be shown like Free!!! Where the show itself wasn’t that good, but the hype around it created a fake image. After a few weeks of seeing a countless amount of trailers from the show, I decided to try episode one – just to say that I at least gave it a try. Though, that was one of the best choices ever as I quickly become invested in the show for a plethora of reasons.

If you’re one of the people who has been avoiding the show like the plague; here’s a quick little introduction. My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga series that focuses on people who have superpowers, it was created by Kohei Horikoshi. The series follows a young, green,-haired boy named Izuki Midoriya, who was born without any superpowers – which is rare in his time. While his dream of being a hero is slowly crushed, he encounters his idol, Might, who takes young Midoriya in and decided to train him with his quirk (they call the powers quirks). Since then – Midoriya enrols in the superhero U.A Academy, alongside with his friends, starts a journey of becoming the best hero.

While the premise of the show is as cliché as it gets in terms of a manga turned anime series – despite how it seems like every Shonen anime series plays out. My Hero Academia has an art style and a storyline that can make you feel a personal attachment to the characters! Although, I don’t mind giving you more reason to watch the show if you need them.

Deku (Midoriya) isn’t an annoying protagonist

While Deku is like any other protagonist in a Shonen anime, he always has his own personality that makes him stand out in comparison to the rest of the characters. You always are just rooting from him to grow as a character and seeing him become stronger is just so rewarding. Plus, he isn’t a typical, predictable protagonist! He’s one that is always doing the one thing you never expect, and he has such a comedic relief at the perfect times.

The main message that anyone gets from watching this is that no matter who you are, you have the potential to do great things with yourself. No matter the abilities, the heroes are more so ranked on their determination and motivation to better themselves and improve on their own skills. It shows that you don’t have to be flashy, but instead, as long as you have the motivation, you can accomplish anything.

The Quirks

The quirks are the individual superpower that the characters have. Though it’s not like a group of people have fore power, it’s more like each character is so differently unique, and their quirks show that. It’s actually like watching an anime that isn’t based on character tropes and instead wants each character to feel real.

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Jun 082018

I whined, bitched, and complained about the first episode of Nyarlko a few weeks ago, and rightfully so. That damn episode fucking sucked, and I figured the rest of the series was gonna suck as well.

Then I watched the next two episodes. It ain’t awesome or anything, but it’s back up to the same level of the original OAV episodes.

Each of these episodes introduces a new Outer God/Great Old One in chick clothing. Episode two brings us the moeification of Atlach-Nacha, the spider being whose shtick in the Mythos is spinning a web which, upon completion, will signify the end of the universe. Somehow said being has been corrupted into Atoko, a chick in a kimono who gets off on talking like a dirty old man. This leads to an amusing gag in the third episode, where she’s berating Cthuko for her unrequited love of Nyarlko. The fact that half the conversation is bleeped out, so you can fill in the blanks like some sort of non-euclidean Mad Lib, makes it pretty amusing. Some of the bleeps last a little too long for anything that immediately comes to mind, so who knows what the fuck she’s talking about. Maybe Elder God Sex has far more possibilities as far as perverse, not-safe-for-work shit goes, making it necessary for the extra-long bleeps. I wouldn’t be surprised.

What’s a bit more interesting, concept-wise, is the Outer God introduced in the third episode: Nyarle. I was wondering what was up with this chick in the opening/ending/whatever, since she has the same hair color and antenna-hair sticking out of the top of her head as Nyarlko, and her name says it all. See, Nyarlathotep is the sort of being that has many aspects to himself. Depending on the situation, he takes on a different “Mask,” but I can’t think of a situation where two or more of these avatars have been in the same place at the same time. Seeing how Nyarle’s appearance is very similar to Nyarlko’s, as well as her name matching up even moreso than Nyarlko’s with their parent god, I gotta assume that they’re both “Masks” of Nyarlathotep.

This is another one of those little tidbits that appeals to a Cthulhu nut like myself. Nyarlko and Nyarle may look alike, but they have different personalities. Granted, said personalities boil down to broad moe stereotypes, but they’re distinct from one another and don’t really overlap based on the minute or so we saw them together. Nyarlathotep’s “Masks” very often have little similarities with one another outside of a penchant for “darkness.” That is, Lovecraft was a fucking racist and everything that was evil had dark skin. But yeah, having Nyarlko and Nyarle share the same hair color and such is a little not to how these Masks function.

I also dug how Nyarle was conflicted as to whether she was “allowed” to love the main dude. This is assumedly because Nyarlko also digs the dude, so she’s wondering if it’s OK for her to muscle in on the territory of an aspect of herself. The same but different but blahblahblah. Shame that these episodes are TWO MINUTES LONG AT MOST so we can’t actually see if there’s anything to my inane conspiracy theories.

So yeah, I’m certainly took me longer to write this post than it took me to watch the damn episode, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you longer to read it than it did for you to watch the damn episode (assuming you’re even bothering with this damn series). Whatever, man, it’s motherfucking Cthulhu here. I’ll find ways to fucking dig this shit, no matter how much SAN I lose in the process.


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Jun 082018

Barnabi Brooks Jr.? He’s totally Barnaby Jones aka Xander Crews.

He’s the same self centered (wouldn’t help McCauly Culkin get his baloon) Tony Stark wannabe and he has the same blond wig. Though done up frillier.


Hoshi no Ponko to Tofuya Reiko

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Aug 012016

Holy shithahise! They fucking continued

Here’s the link to the original article on it:

Manga Round-Up

Here’s a link to the series:

Edit: It would seem this is a slightly different version in that chapter one has additional pages that help lead up the new chapters.