Aug 272015


Awhile ago, I wanted to do a post recommending anime to those who’ve never seen ’em before. But y’know… between laziness and a clouded mind, I couldn’t think up a whole list during that period and promptly dumped the idea. But while looking through a list of anime, I caught sight of a certain title and I’m reminded that THIS, above all other titles, is THE anime recommendation to someone who’s never seen anime before (granted, such people are in relative rare supply these days).

Natch, the title in question is the “Read or Die” OVA.

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Aug 222015

In lieu of meaningful content, such as a round up of Shimoneta or Jitsu wa Watashi wa, here’s a pic of the day. And by pic I usually mean TOY picture. I’m gonna try for daily or near content. So you might be getting these kinda things as filler in between actual anime reviews.


Aug 212015


So I wanted to make a post that I intend to write on a wide variety of stuff for Mecha Guignol. But I didn’t wanna make more than one post per day. So yeah, I’ve been meaning to write on movies, live action and of course, anime that I’ve recently watched. But I also wanted to pepper in some toy reviews. Welp, as it so happened, I recently, finally pulled the trigger and ordered a replacement for my broken camera and not only did that arrive earlier than expected, I just so happened to make a toy purchase today. I wanted to stick to more anime-y/Japanese-y stuff but whatevs, fate says I should do an Americano toy review, so here goes. Brainstorm, a “voyager” sized toy from Hasbro’s Transformers’ Generations toyline.

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Aug 202015


Oh, it seems I’ve been neglecting writing up on Overlord. Actually, I… (Jitsu wa watashi wa…) wanted to write about other stuff first. But there’s a prediction I wanna make about what’s gonna happen in episode #8, so I better do this catch up post with haste, post haste.

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