Nov 122014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I picked this guy up at my local Tesco for a pretty good price. But then I popped onto ye ol’ internet and was aghast at the lack of reviews on this guy. There’s a couple YouTube reviews of the SDCC exclusive version, but love for regular ol’ mass retail release Snarl here was dreadfully lacking. So here’s my take on this guy, and I might even refrain from my usual arbitrary swearing.

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Nov 052014

granIt took me awhile to warm up to the original Gundam Build Fighters, simply because it was Gundam. But I kept watching because it was oddly charming. GBF Try’s been a solid sequel so far, but while this wasn’t a bad ep, it’s arguably the weakest so far.

It all boils down to the fact that this was an extremely Yugioh-ish episode.

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Nov 042014

sharivanJust saw the new Space Sheriff Sharivan “movie”. The run time’s only an hour; so I’m not sure if it’s an actual theatrically released movie or a straight to blu-ray kinda deal. For a kid’s movie, it’s pretty darn good, especially since the last Space Sheriff movie or two were kinda meh.

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