May 122016


It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Pretty Cure. I just got around to watching the first ep of the newest one, Maho Girls PreCure!, which was… okay. Not as impressive as the pilot of Go! Princess PreCure, although it was interesting to see a return to basics of sorts with 2 main girls who seem to require each other to unlock their Pretty Cure powers.

As for Smile Pretty Cure!, I stopped that a little before the halfway mark because I was in my “burning out on anime” phase and so, despite the incredibly long run of good episodes (for a PreCure series), the first weakish episode was an excuse to drop it. But there’s one episode I’ve always meant to watch and well, I just saw it.

Episode 35, aka the “That was dope y’all” episode, because that was dope y’all! I know that Pretty Cure tends to draaaag in the middle with repetition, but they do occasionally come out with a good episode and episode 35 was it. Go ahead, find it and watch it. It works as a standalone. All you need is a passing knowledge of Precure or an open mind. There’s a lot of stock footage but for the most part, this ep has new animation.

I’m glad that Cure Peace remains Best (Smile) Precure. FYI, she’s voiced by Ika Musume, so there’s that too.

May 092016

So I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Big Order. I saw the ending when it was came out, which was fairly cool, if somewhat chuuni. I do vaguely remember the manga version though.

So yeah, I went to finally watch the episode in full and goddamn, the first few minutes are so fucking obnoxious that I just couldn’t even power through it.

Now, I should end this post right here, but Big Order’s opening minutes deserve another “it’s fucking stupid”. So, here we go. Big Order episode 1? Your opening first few minutes? It’s fucking stupid, you fucking retard!