Feb 162015

PCUtenaI’ve got the first 3 episodes of the new Pretty Cure, “Go! Princess Precure”. I’ve skimmed the first episode before, but yeah, gonna watch this back to back now. Dubbed as Pretty Cure Utena by the fans prior to its debut, the pilot opens with a dark skinned princely fellow giving a little girl a “charm” that’ll let her be a princess one day. Said girl’s the main Pretty Cure of the season.


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Feb 082015

rg4I’ve talked about how it was hard to get a read on Rolling Girls based on the first and second eps. I mean, those eps were filled with energy and action, but they were holding off on the direction of where the series was going. I figured ep 3 and perhaps 4 would be determine if the viability of this show. My greatest fear is that it’d go the path of K-On!! and its ilk, wherein it’s a buncha boring girls doing banal things and ignoring the interesting facets of the show. Welp, I’ve watched ep 3 & 4 and my fear’s… partially realized. And it’s not necessarily bad. Especially when I realized what the “grand revelation” was.

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Feb 042015

wonraOkay, I’m planning to write a bunch and catch up on the last couple week’s anime. I’d have done more posts but between a wonky connection and other stuff, I just couldn’t get to it.

Anyways, I’m watching Magical Boys 5 right now, and I just wanna say, yeah, I dig the running gag where Pink is just outright raping/fucking the wombat. It start off as yiffing, but now it’s just regular rape.