Jan 012010

If only this was about poker, then I’d get everything that’s going on in the game.

I’ve read a good chunk of the manga upon which this is based. It’s great stuff. It isn’t really satirizing specific politicians or anything like that (Except Jong-il, but that dude’s the personification of self-parody,). Rather, it’s hitting at the inherent absurdity of political discourse between such diametrically opposed ideals. Does anyone really think that any meaningful resolutions will come out of “talks” with such a fundamentally extreme leadership such as North Korea’s? Other nations may as well be playing mahjong, since just as much will come out of a mere game.

The manga also has an arc where the former PM deals with both Bush Jr. and Bush Sr. The way Dubya lures Koizumi into the match is a pretty good metaphor for how he deceived allies into a war with Iraq. Not that Saddam didn’t need a bullet between the eyes, but Bush pulled a bullshit move, and be pulls a similar bullshit move to lure the former Japanese PM into a match. And Bush Sr. is portrayed as someone straight out of Fist of the North Star, not unlike Koizumi and many of the other characters. So yeah, it is satirizing specifics in politics. I lied.

Totally looking forward to the full-on OAV. Should be one of the better series of 2010.

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