Dec 312010


Yep. Obligatory “Best of the Year” post. Hell, I churned out ten of these damn things last year so I could catch up on everything I hadn’t written about in the millions of years I spent not blogging, so I may as well churn out one for this year, right?

So yeah, Let’s Listage!



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Dec 302010

I whined, bitched, and complained about the first episode of Nyarlko a few weeks ago, and rightfully so. That damn episode fucking sucked, and I figured the rest of the series was gonna suck as well.

Then I watched the next two episodes. It ain’t awesome or anything, but it’s back up to the same level of the original OAV episodes.

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Dec 262010

A lot’s been said about Soredemo’s final episode. Yeah, it was all genuinely touching and all. Hotori seems to kick the bucket and she gets to see everyone’s reactions while chilling in Japanese Afterlife. It was all well put-together for this sort of deliberate emotional tearjerking sort of thing. Hell, even my own black heart kinda felt a slight tinge of the old sadness there.

But that same dark, bleak, cynical heart took great joy in this ending. Not because Hotori nearly croaked (I rather like the obnoxious brat, so I wouldn’t want to see her get it.), but because of why she was able to come back from the dead.

Her father bribed the gods.

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Dec 252010

Santa’s going all stealthy rogue on me this year or something, and he gave me a choice of three anime series to watch and review as a part of some global anime conspiracy to induce a sense of communistic good will amongst anime bloggers. Or something like that. The red man allowed me to choose one of three anime series to report on to the public: Kaiba, Heroic Age, and Gundam 00. I neglected to report the fact that I had already watched some of Heroic Age to MyAnimeList, but I was granted a reprieve from being sent to the work camps due to my prior service in the great Anime Army. With one anime off of my list, my decision came down to Kaiba and Gundam 00. The decision was easy for me, being a closet anti-Gundam guerilla who cares not for the series outside of the rebel faction G Gundam.

So my choice was made. On this most holy of days, I would report to you, my comrades, on the anime known as Kaiba.

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