Mar 292011

Sorry about the whole “not posting shit” thing. That kinda happens when all that real life stuff we all hate decides it’s more important than meaningless anime nonsense. Without going into too many details, let’s just say my past few weeks have revolved around funerals, obnoxious relatives that need to learn how to grow the fuck up, and traveling to the northern wastelands of the US to teach stupid people how to do shit.

Anyway. Kaiji. It was awesome, for the most part. Let’s talk about that awesomeness.

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Mar 102011

All the stuff that happened in the latest episode of Madoka was pretty damn awesome. Seeing all the alternate realities– how shit’s gone down and all that– rocked. But all of this raises a major problem in the series.

There’s hope.

The last thing Madoka needed as a series was hope.

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Mar 032011

So now we know what’s up with Madoka. We know that the whole magical girl/witch game is just some elaborate energy harvesting. Yeah, sure it makes sense and all in the context of this shit, but there’s two problems with this:

  • It rationalizes a situation that was far more interesting because it was irrational.
  • It’s just plain fucking stupid.

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