Aug 132011


I don’t watch or read much hentai. Just ain’t my thing. If I’m gonna watch some peeps get it on I’d rather see some real genitalia doing the nasty.

But it isn’t like I’ve never watched any of that shit. I’ve seen my fair share, and the first time I was subjected to it was rather awkward.

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Aug 132011

I need to start looking for the Starter set and you know, I’d probably buy an entire case of boosters if I can get a reasonable price per fig. I mean, I’m not even gonna play this stuff since I don’t know my local gaming community.

That said, I think Landon’s going to get his say, this Tuesday? And I know he wants M. Bison. Hope he gets it too.

Because the day Landon gets M. Bison, will be the most important day of his life. But for Bison? It’ll be Tuesday.

Yes, I made this post just to make that joke.