Nov 062011

I don’t give much thought to anime studios. I recognize the names and I know that certain studios have a tendency to make certain types of series, but that’s about it. Most studios are far too uneven quality-wise for me to ever say “Hey, soandso is making a new series this season, I so gotta see it.” Madhouse may put out some cool stuff like Redline or whatever, but then they turn around and make something utterly banal like Chihayafuru or Kobato. Production IG is the same way. One second they’re doing Eden of the East or Ghost in the Shell, the next they’re making us suffer through Bunny Drop or Kimi ni Todoke.

But these David Production guys got my eye. They haven’t done much of anything, but the stuff they’ve done has my attention because it tends to drift away from popular trends.

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