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My Little Pony. This shit is fascinating. And disturbing. Like a wreck between a car filled with cute bunnies and a truck filled with adorable puppies. Yeah.

A few of my online friends dig this show.They like a lot of the same US cartoons as I do: Venture Bros, Archer, Adventure Time, and so on, and they figured if they liked My Little Pony, I might dig it as well. So they nagged me to check it out.

I was hesitant at first. Not because of the fact that it’s My Little Pony, though. I got no beef with watching “girlie” cartoons. It isn’t even my exposure with anime and its shoujo and josei genres that doesn’t make me flinch in the face of “emasculating” animation. I grew up in the 80′s and I’m all too used to the sort of show My Little Pony grew out of. In the first and second grade my dad’d pick me up after school and take me to his office, and I would watch shit like She-Ra on a tiny black and white TV. By the time I got to his office it was the only cartoon on at that time in the afternoon, and I wasn’t gonna not watch cartoons. And I sat through plenty of other cheesy, moral-ridden, mascot-driven 80′s drivel. I loved The Smurfs when I was, like, 4 years old. Hell, I even had a plushie from The Get Along Gang (It was the cat.).

It isn’t the nature of My Little Pony that I initially found off-putting. It’s the internet culture that’s sprung up around the series. Why in the hell would grown men be enamored anthropomorphic ponies who were created to appeal to elementary school girls? Why would they create obnoxious memes based on these characters? Why would some of them find the series to be “deep” and “meaningful?”

And why was I hearing people comparing it to that bastion of banality known as K-On?

That’s what turned me off initially. I’m down with checking out silly kiddie cartoons. I’m not down with suffering through what seems like the invasion of nauseating slice of life anime into western animation.

But those friends persisted in their pestering. Those that understood my hesitance said it wasn’t what I thought it was. Well, it was sorta like that, they said, but it also had its own charm. And so I gave in. I decided that I would give My Little Pony a chance.

In fact, I decided that I would watch the whole damn thing. All 26 episodes. No turning back. No “this sucks, I’m gonna go watch Cobra.” Even if it means my brain will melt into a sugary pile of cotton candy slop, I would finish this. And I’m gonna blog this descent into the ponypocalypse. Starting tomorrow and every Wednesday after that, I’m gonna post something about My Little Pony. Each post’ll cover roughly 5 episodes or so. It should be horrifically awesome and stuff.

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  1. I think MLP is a nice kids show that’s fun to watch and levels with its audience for the most part, but I also find the fan culture to be somewhat obnoxious. The whole Brony thing is kind of weird to me … not that grown-up people are watching and enjoying what is ostensibly a children’s series, but that they’re forming an entire identity around the show and defending their turf like it’s some sort of gang war or something, haha. Obviously not all fans are like this (I know a few cool, levelheaded folks who watch and like the show, and don’t make a huge fuss about it), but the ones who are … meh.

    I think you’ll like some parts of the show and dislike others. A bold prediction on my part, I know.

  2. I’ve seen about 4-5 episodes, it’s interesting but I’m not hardcore compelled by it or anything. I think a lot of the appeal comes from one of the head writers. If I’m not mistaken, she was a head writer for Powerpuff Girls, another show that had big cross-demo appeal.

  3. OHOHO! You goddamn brony.

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