Apr 082012

The last Symphogear post I wrote had me making up some nonsense about how the perfect anime would be 11 episode of meaningless slice of life and one final episode where the moon crashes into the Earth. The whole “moon crashing into the Earth” had nothing to do with Symphogear’s plot. That was all me.

Then Symphogear’s finale deals with crashing the moon into the Earth using the Tower of Babel. Not my idea in totality, but close enough for me to call these dudes out.

Yeah. OK. Anime-making dudes? I know y’all are reading this blog. I know y’all have used my brilliant ideas in the past. But I didn’t expect y’all to go out of your way to remake the ending of Symphogear just to go along with some “random” shit I made up off the top of my head.

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