Oct 192015

So I finally shifted to my new old PC, but I’ve lost all speed on my torrents for some reason. Perhaps it’s because my ratio is low now? I mean, my speed’s always been slow but it’s practically non-existent now. It seems I get a couple hours of it working at night, so I just can’t keep up with new episodes right now. I’m reduced to having to get stuff from KissAnime.

So let’s talk about whatever stuff I did manage to get so far.

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Oct 102015

spy2I’ll SUE!

Yeah, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei joke. It’s a joke we used to use all the time, such as when someone had the same idea we had. Who are we? Why, Landon, ThreeDark, myself and others of course, though me and Landon are the ones who usually use that joke, what with being the resident anime guys. Which residence am I referring to? Why, the FPL of course!

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