Mar 232015

So a bunch of manga I’ve been reading are all suddenly coming out as anime like, I think this coming season. I’m not sure how all of them will fare in the transition though. Some of them don’t look like they’ll translate well to moving pictures.

In any case, in the interest of having site content, let’s talk about Overlord. Apparently it’s yet another series based on a light novel series. I first encountered the manga and really, main reason I read it was because it was oh-so-pretty.

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Mar 142015

muppetmanSo how many more episodes have we got of this? I hope it’s only 3. I’m not hate-watching GBFTry but I WOULD like my suffering to end. Which is ironic, considering this was the best ep in GBFTry. There’s really not much hope that the upcoming eps will top this one, we have nowhere to go but downhill.

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Mar 092015

Anyone who’s been reading this thing for a while knows that I’m probably more of a table-top gamer than I am an anime watcher. I’ve been doing the pen and paper RPG thing since I was in elementary school, and I got in on the recent board game renaissance about ten years ago. It’s the thing I do to socialize with my real life buddies, most of whom are pretty apathetic towards this anime stuff.

I do love it when these two things cross paths. I’m always keeping an eye on board and card games with anime-related themes or non-anime-related games translated imported from Japan. I’ve reviewed a few over the years to boot. So yeah, this Space Dandy Deck Builder really caught my eye. I’m just not sure what to think about it.

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