Dec 242013

macrossplusThis Secret Santa post almost didn’t happen. I got hit by a nasty funk the week before Christmas. I had to put my 12 Days of Teekyu posts on hold because said funk knocked me out of commission. The very act of watching anime was pretty low on my list of things I wanted to do, since it took far less effort to just turn on the TV and switch it to Boomerang than it did to turn on the computer, find a file, and click on it. I watched a hell of a lot of Secret Squirrel this past week because of that. He does a very good job of being a squirrel, since he has the tail and all, but he isn’t very good at being secret. His idea of infiltrating an enemy’s base involves smashing in the front door and yelling until the villain appears. He’s more like Shouty Squirrel.

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