Jul 122014

G3Another average but tolerable ep. Again, I liked it because I’m into the whole turn based strategy thing, and so far the show certainly feels like a strategy RPG in terms of story.

Most of the episode is wasted on the “tutorial”. The super mech is imprinted on the first pilot, which means only our idiot main character guy can pilot it. Meanwhile, the entire plot is held up because the main girl is literally… well, I use the word “retarded” a lot, but I can’t think of another word for her.

Basically, the mech works by you envisioning what you want it to do. Not by pulling levers or pressing buttons. It took her an entire episode to remember this. As an audience member who has seen his fair share of shows and played quite a few games, this was fucking obvious, thus making her inability to remember such a simple fact all the more frustrating.

It’s okay for the soldiers to not “get” this, since it’s pretty sci-fi for their technological level, but gosh dang girl; how the super mech works is probably stated in the firt sentence of the presentation. While developing this mech, everybody probably talked about the revolutionary system where you just have to think about what you wanna do and the super mech will do it, like, all the flippin’ time. I get that the character apparently has short term memory problems but that’s just force feeding an element of stupidity solely to halt the progress of the plot.

Anyways, what I did dig are the “villains”. The enemy soldiers are basically showned to be not that bad so far. In fact, the trio of guys who were chasing our heroes not only all looked different but had a bit of banter going between them. It woulda been nice if they had actual names rather than codenames, but eh.

I’m not dumping Argevollen yet, but it’s not something I’d recommend to anyone else at this point.

Jul 112014

Landon’s done a couple Summer Round-Up posts, here and here.

So this here’s my take. Also, where I’m from, it’s summer all year round. Thus to be more accurate, I’m just gonna say July-ish.

Let’s start with stuff Landon’s already covered, to get my take on it.

I’ve already done my own post on this over here. Next!

Aldnoah Zero
aldnoahHo-hum. It’s not bad per se. And if I saw this like, 10+ years ago, I’d be all “ooooh, shit’s going DOWN yo”. But the ep’s rather standard stuff. From the setting to the hilarious nuking scene at the end. The introduction of various enemy bosses with their own distinctive mech types do intrigue me enough that I’d definitely watch a few more eps.

Still though, it’s nothing we haven’t seen from other shows before, so it doesn’t have any “bait” to hook me in. I heard it’s written by Urobochi, who is doing a bang up job on Kamen Rider Gaim, but the guy tends to be somewhat more miss than hit with me.

One thing I’d like to disagree with Landon is that my interpretation is that the Martians are simply space Americans, and not an ancient offshoot of humanity. From what I took away, the Americans found a stargate and once on Mars, someone found some ancient tech and used it to make a power grab; setting up his own monarchy.

Maybe I’m wrong, ’cause time-wise, it’d mean that would have had to have happened in the span of around 50 years, BUT, I’m not inclined to rewatch the episode to confirm my interpretation, because it’s BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORINGah. The thought of rewatching that exposition just plain sours me.

So, in conclusion, go watch Aldnoah Zero. It’s not bad. But so far, it’s not great or particularly good yet. Could go either way.

Tokyo Ghoul
ghoulI liked it. I thought Landon would dig it more, but I can understand why once he explained it to me.

But since watching the first episode, I found out some disturbing FACTS. It seems Tokyo Ghoul is based on a manga, and that it has a strong & critially acclaimed following.

That does not bode well at all. A long-ish running series with critical acclaim? Those tend to translate horribly to anime, at least for me.

The issue for me is one of pacing. For instance, the main dude’s best friend looks like he’s totally gonna die. If he doesn’t, it’d feel like a cop out. But the question is, what happens after he does? Should he die early or toward the end of the series? If he dies early, how would the conclusion of the series be? If he dies late, would it feel like dragging?

The only hope for me is that I heard this show’s only gonna be 1 cour. So around 13 eps. Hopefully, that’s all there’ll ever be. Rather than having a second season or having a non-conclusion to be concluded in the second season.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. It could end up pretty good. I just hope they’ll trim down all the unnecessary padding.

In conclusion, Tokyo Ghoul’s first ep was good, though the middle part really drags. But it has some potentially good plot points. For instance, the surgeon who operated on the main dude might be shiftier than he leads on. The main girl doing nothing and allowing the main guy to be eaten is fun in retrospect. And the fact that the bad guy ghoul that the main guy confronted has a connection with the main dude’s best friend could be interesting. TG’s got potential, hopefully it won’t be hamstrung by the source material.

Sailor Moon Crystal
sailormoonSo I’m guessing that this particular story is the equivalent of Spider-Man’s origin? I think even the live action series had this as the pilot. In that regard, it’s hard to judge what this series will be until it begins to deviate.

Here’s the thing. I started anime a little later than Landon. I’ve watched anime probably before him, but they were dubs and I didn’t know that “anime” was a thing unto itself. I’ve known Saint Seiya, Dragonball and Dragonball Z long before they hit the western shores. They were 80s to me, not 90s.

By the time I was able to start getting anime, it was already the tail end of Card Captor Sakura. I missed out on Sailor Moon. So I’ve no attachment to Sailor Moon.

So to me, I don’t get what’s the big deal with this ep in regards to everyone loving it. It does have a certain “Spider-Man Origin” quality to it. A certain “classic” feel to it. And certainly, a genuinely whiny bitch is such a rarity these days (ha-ha) that it scores points just for that. But it’s still overall, a somewhat-leaning-up-but-still-middle-of-the-road ep for me so far.

It’s certainly worth a watch. But with no nostalgia value for me, I might dump it a few eps after they recruit all the main girls. Those eps will be the make or break for me.