Oct 052015


Kagewani’s okay so far. This first episode is like something outta an urban legend/X-Files/Blair Witch Project so far. Color me intrigued for episode 2. Although there’s not yet any gimmick to really hook me in yet.

Komori-san’s about this girl who can’t say no, so everyone takes advantage of her. I’ve read the manga/4-koma a bit. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be particularly great even in anime form. But I suppose it’s not particularly offensive yet?

Let’s hope the season gets better.

Oct 052015


Hackadoll starts off seemingly good. It opened with some nice English and a decent premise setter. But then we get into the actual meat of the show and it’s pretty lame. It’s like Nyar-chan without the references, and frankly, Nyar-chan sucks and depends on those (ever increasingly out of date) references.

Itoshi no Muco is your standard story about a dumb dog. There are some nice bits and it’s fairly cute. But the one joke wears thin pretty fast. This is one show that coulda done with being 5 minutes as opposed to 10+.