Apr 172016


Okay, new resolution, I’ll post the stuff I write about as soon as they’re done, rather than trying to wait 24 hours, only to be distracted for days on end. I mean, heck, Luluco’s already reached episode 3 and the completed post is just waiting in draft. But for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney because apparently I’m the only one to like it unironically.

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Apr 022016

Wowzers, I’m actually watching and blogging stuff. I’ve watched Space Patrol Luluco #1 and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV #1 the other day and even wrote up a 4 episode blog thingy for a Kamen Rider thing, but WordPress was having issues or something. I’ll get those up inna bit, but for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney #1, which seems to be hated online.

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