Aug 142014

Okay, I’m gonna try to do my own best of list thingy by year now. There was once a time when I probably watched way more anime than Landon. That’s no longer the case in these last few years, so my pool of choices is gonna be relatively small and might include shows that aren’t necessarily GREAT, but hopefully at least decent. I also have this bad habit of not watching the final arc of shows. It’s kinda random. But I’ll still put a show up if it’s good and I watched most of it. Generally speaking, I don’t let the last episode put a damper on the entirety of a series for me. It’d have to botch things up or fail to deliver big time for an ending to affect my overall viewing experience.

So let’s dive in with 2012(-2013)

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Dec 302012

romeoandlupin2012 was a bit of a weird year for me as far as anime goes. Most years I can narrow down my top choices to 10 or so pretty easily. This year, I found myself struggling with my choices once I got past the first six entries. I only had four or so slots to go, but I had at least ten series I considered worthy. So I went ahead and made this thing a full 15 series long this year.

In the end, the best two series are something of an Alpha and Omega. One is here to destroy everything we hold dear while the other wishes to build anew and create something from the ashes of otakudom. Yeah.

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