Jan 032012

My little exploration of David Production’s stuff was short-lived. Turns out they’ve only done two series that I hadn’t seen yet. Dogs was the first, and Ristorante Paradiso’s the second.

This is likely the first and only time I’ll ever make this comment: the one about the middle-aged dudes in a restaurant was better than the one about the amoral badass assassins.

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Dec 312009


2009. Let’s call it The Year of the Anti-Hero. Or something like that.

Really. Let’s just call it “The Year Where the Villains were the Heroes.” Because most of the peeps in these series aren’t nice people, even when they’re doing The Right Thing.

Also: Hamyuts Meseta is the most moe anime girl ever. If one’s “moe quotient” was measured by body counts. And it is.


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