Dec 142011

It’s that special time of the year again, where everyone gathers around the warm glow of the computer monitor and rants and raves about how their arbitrarily ranked list of Japanese cartoon shit is superior to everyone else’s. Some do it passive-aggressively by saying it’s “just their opinion,” while others are brazen and proclaim their will is God’s will and that their God is a better otaku than yours. It’s a true holiday miracle and the reason for the season.

So here’s the only top whatever list you need to read. Because, yeah, my God’s dojin collection is bigger than your God’s.

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Oct 292011

Time for a wild review!

So this here is the inaugural exclusive to Mecha Guignol toy review thingy. We’re kicking off with the SHFiguarts version of Wild Tiger from Tiger & Bunny. If you wanna know what’s up with that series, well, just click on that there link. So onto the toy itself.



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Sep 042011

Up until now, Maverick had been a relatively standard villain. He had his evil scheme. He used what abilities he possessed to execute his evil scheme. Other than the fact that he had mind-altering powers, he was no different from any typical political thriller villain.

But episode 23 of Tiger and Bunny was something of a coming-out party for him. He’s no longer some stuffy suit who could be slotted into a John Grisham corporate intrigue novel. This episode was him going full Dr. Doom on the world. And it was awesome.

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