Sep 052010

Legend of the Five Rings. The best collectible card game ever made as far as I’m concerned. While I get that the game isn’t as popular as Magic, since that game had a few years head start and covers a subject matter that appeals to a wider audience (generic fantasy), I never quite grasped why L5R hasn’t caught on with anime fans (Other than lacking the knowledge of its existence, that is.). With all of the CCGs that have been popular with anime fans (Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh mainly, although the DBZ one was popular for a while.), I’m surprised at what little fan carryover I’ve seen to L5R.

I say this because L5R has something that all of these card games don’t have: a storyline.

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Sep 012010

Sorry guys, this post has nothing to do with Yu Gi Oh. You can go home now. We’re talking about real collectible card games.

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