Jul 202014


So it’s summer time. This means, for some of you weirdos, camping out in the wilds and possibly getting eaten by bears. However, despite this fine tradition of reverting to more primitive lifestyles, this madness has given rise to a simple delicacy: The S’more. In the spirit of this I give unto you… the S’more Brownie!

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Jan 222014

Deadlight put me on some Liebster hitlist the other day. They say it’s a way to get attention for little-seen blogs, but I think its true intent is to identify blogs for future culling. You can’t have millions of tiny little blogs using precious bandwidth and the like when said resources can be better used by the blogiarchy elite.

So if my blog and I mysteriously disappear one night, you know why. I was marked and subsequently eliminated.

That said, let’s play along with their sinister little game.

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Apr 272012

You’ve been here before. Even if you believe this to be your first time at this blog, you’re only forgetting your prior experiences. Maybe you visited this site in the distant future, and when you were reincarnated your soul traveled back in time. Maybe your dreamself splits off during the night and happened across this place while surfing the net for Heroman doujin. Whatever the reason, you have been drawn back to Mecha Guignol in its moment of gladiatorial glory.

You’re gonna vote for Mecha Guignol in this tournament. It’s your destiny and stuff. But just to give you the illusion of free will, here’s some evidence to dupe you into believing you voted by your own volition.

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