Oct 272011

Meant to do something “special” when this joint hit its two-year anniversary back on the 15th. I was gonna do some elaborate scheme where I claimed that this thing had been around for decades and I would link to posts that I had “written” during various points in the past. I would have gone way back to, like, Astro Boy or something like that. You know, something stupid to amuse me briefly before getting distracted by something shinier.

The catch is that said distraction came before I ever launched into said scheme and I forgot all about it until I decided it was high time I wrote something about entering the terrible twos.

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Jun 142011

So I was at A-Kon the past weekend. It’s my yearly big con trip. Tenth year to go do the damn thing. So what went down?

No, the above picture isn’t part of what went down. Unless if you wanna compare the insanity of spending three days in a sleep-deprived haze reveling in anime to a cat burning down shit. Then yeah, it’s a perfect representation of my con-going experience.

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Jan 042011

Tell it like it is, brother. Well, except for my last trip to Vegas. My gambling luck sucked as well. Then again, his luck sucked at the end of this episode as well, so he’s still telling it like it is.

As for the actual first episode of this stupid series, it was crazy in most of the right ways. Those ridiculous rash-like red spots on the girls that make them look like lepers more than sexy chicks were pretty sickening, though. That Five Card Draw scene at the end was crazy awesome, though. Now if only they were playing a poker game that people actually play in casinos. You know, like Texas Hold ‘Em. Hell, something obscure like Omaha’d be more believable.

But yeah, I totally relate with you, generic first episode villain whose existence will mean nothing once the second episode airs. Luck sucks like that.

Nov 252010


I’m thankful for hyper-violence and character death.

I’m thankful for ridiculous plots that only make sense when you make up half the plot yourself.

I’m thankful for internet pirates, who steal anime and translate it illegally.

I’m thankful for crappy J-Pop that makes my ears bleed so good.

I’m thankful for old-ass anime that no one else seems to like but myself.

I’m thankful for traps and gender transformations and all other manners of sexually confusing shit.

I’m thankful for mascot characters who are far more interesting and cute than humans.

I’m thankful for awful anime that makes me burn with joyful hatred.

I’m thankful for psycho-bitch anime characters who don’t know the meaning of the word “love.”

I’m thankful for old-school video games that make me hopelessly nostalgic for a more awesome time.

I’m thankful for Space Adventure Cobra, which is turning into the best damn anime I’ve ever seen.

I’m thankful for JET PIRANHAS!

I’m thankful for tentacle monsters and giant rubber-suited monsters.

I’m thankful for The Venture Bros, which is vastly superior to any anime ever made.

I’m thankful for cheesy movies and anime, which are vastly superior to more “serious” faire.

I’m thankful for all of you, my minions, for without you I’d just be a jibbering fool speaking to the void.

I’m thankful for my lord, Cthulhu, and the madness that he brings to my heart.

Finally, I’m thankful that the holiday season only comes once a year. Any more would be a punishment worse than death.

Aug 062010

I was out playing pool last night. My team was winning. It was my turn. I looked at the table and saw I didn’t really have a good shot. I looked at the 2 ball and saw I could shoot it in easily (My team was obviously stripes.). I shoot the 2 ball into the corner pocket, look at my team, and say “I WAS ON THEIR TEAM THE WHOLE TIME!” since I’d been thinking about the above Azumanga strip the whole time I was scheming my move.

They didn’t get the joke, and I think one teammate was rather pissed I did it. Dorks.

I also had a moment similar to Fumiaki from Occult Academy’s doomed “friendship” with Pod Girl Porsche Bread Girl. I’m convinced said waitress remembers me every time I come in there, knows exactly what I order every time, and is friendly with me because she wants to implant eggs in my brain. It’s the only logical conclusion.