Jun 052014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s Hasbro Transformers toy review is the Deluxe size class Strafe, whom we can see in the various trailers leading up to the Trans4mers movie. This is not only a super accurate toy of a Pair-a-dactyl, but that terrible pun I just made is probably, in all likelihood, the real and/or main reason we even have a two-headed Pteradactyl in the movie.

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Jun 032014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know Mecha Guignol is supposed to be an anime blog, but then again, Landon’s supposed to write and post stuff. Since he’s being a no good dirty slacker, I’ll be a no good dirty toy reviewer. And I’m not even gonna review a toy that’s even remotely anime related, like a S.H. Figuarts Pretty Cure or even an Ultra-Act Ultraman.

No, I’m gonna go full on anti-Japan/America-Fuck-Yeah with a Trans4mers toy. First up (because there may well be more of these) is Slash, a Deluxe class Velociraptor Dinobot, from Hasbro (natch).

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