Oct 202014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Transformers… maybe a tad too much. The original cartoon had the “it” factor. Then came the horribly awful Japanese Headmasters (which I watched dubbed, hence the horrible-ness on top of the awful), after which was the pretty decent Masterforce and then the admittedly rather good Victory. Eventually we got Beast Wars, which I personally never cared for, but finally, we had Beast Machines, wherein I gave the “Beastie-verse” another try and it turned out, yeah, Beast Machines was pretty good. There are those who said Beast Machines was terrible, but they’re full of shit. Anyways, one of my favorite designs/characters in Beast Machines was Tankor. And after aboot 20 years, we’re finally getting a toy of him.

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Aug 262014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAY’know, I kinda stopped reviewing Transformers awhile ago because I seldom had anything to say about them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Transformers, but when they actually got consistently good across the board, that’s when I struggled with reviewing them. Much like how most G.I. Joes or S.H. Figuarts are pretty much basically the same, I just ain’t got nothing extraordinary to talk about. Not so with Hasbro’s Transformers Thrilling Thirty Leader Jetfire here.

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Jun 302014

meggySo now that Toys & Other Plasticrack is its own thing on Mecha Guignol, I’m hoping/planning on doing quite a few more toy reviews and discussions. With ThreeDark onboard, presumably primarily focusing on games, theeeere’s yer regular content. I’ll try to write about stuff based on properties from ye olde Nippon, but yeah, I’ll still talk about imperialist pig-dog western intellectual properties as well.

Anyways, our topic today is Megatron. You know Megatron yes? The generally EVIL leader of the EVIL Decepticons from the Transformers franchise, which is usually about the battle between the good guy Autobots and their EVIL Decepticon counterparts. EVILEVILEVIL!

I’m gonna discuss chronologically, some (if not most) of the Megatron toys that’ve been released over the years. A few exemptions though. A) While the original Generation 1 Megatron was a cool gun toy; as a product of it’s era, the robot mode obviously doesn’t hold up to current standards. So he’s out. B) No Beast Wars Megatron (with technically one exception). C) Nothing from before the year 2000 (which technically, covers A) as well, but G1 Megs deserves a special mention anyway). Four, no non-transforming or 3rd party stuff (with one exception). 5) i.e. E) No Galvatrons (with some leeway in regards to when Megsy gets repainted into Galvy).

Also, some jargon. A toy that’s been repainted is said to have been given a redeco. While one that’s been altered is said to have been given a retool.

Welp, without further ado, I present to you:

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Jun 112014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I saw some of them Hasbro Star Wars Black Series stuff. Both the 6″ and 3.75″ stuff. The 3.75″ had Mara Jade, Mace Windu w/ Jango’s severe head and a whole lot of different Stormtroopers. 6″ stuff had Luke, Han and prequel bearded Obiwan.

I assume they’re called Black Series much like Johnnie Walker has stuff like Blue Label or in this case, Black Label. Alcoholism and toy collecting just makes sense y’know? Well, either that or this is just an extremely subliminally racist toyline.

Aaaaaanyway, now that I’ve got my intentionally inappropriate joke out of the way, the point is, I bought the Stormtrooper from the 6″ line. And here be the review o’ it.

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