Apr 142015

So I was perusing that hive of scum and scummery known as 4chan and came across a couple Magical Girl Choose Your Own Adventure type images. It was late and I was bored (from playing the immensely grindy Neverwinter Mod 6) and it wasn’t THAT late, so I wanted to pass a few minutes before heading off to bed. So I rolled up a character and boy, if you’ve known me as long as Landon and ThreeDark know me, you know that over the years, I’ve stereotyped myself and the rolls I got here… you’d think I was cheating. Anyways, here are the images, my rolls and I’ll put in some background/story stuff later.

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Apr 082015

I’m one of those peeps who wasn’t into the Fast and Furious thing when it first started. The first one didn’t really do much for me at the time. I didn’t need a Point Break redux, especially with the whole street racing thing added to the mix. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t jive with me. That applied even more so to the second one, since I didn’t even bother with seeing it in the theater.

All of that started to change once I saw Tokyo Drift. I still wasn’t digging on the racing culture stuff, but the way the drifting scenes were filmed in that thing was pretty damn beautiful. It worked on a purely aesthetic and visceral level, and it warmed me to the concept as a whole. So long as Fast and Furious looked this good I  figured I could roll with it. And yeah, I rolled with it for the fourth one, and I didn’t like it nearly as much as Drift. A bit too self serious for this sort of thing.

So yeah, when Fast Five came along, I wasn’t expecting much since the only one I really dug was Drift. And damn, that movie ended up being something of a religious experience.

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