Apr 022016

Wowzers, I’m actually watching and blogging stuff. I’ve watched Space Patrol Luluco #1 and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV #1 the other day and even wrote up a 4 episode blog thingy for a Kamen Rider thing, but WordPress was having issues or something. I’ll get those up inna bit, but for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney #1, which seems to be hated online.

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Mar 272016

Eh, not my favorite movie but it’s enjoyable enough. It’s one of those movies that maybe isn’t that great for the most part, but watchable because you’re watching it for the first time, and then wham! The last part of the movie saves the entire thing and you go away feeling it was a good movie on the whole. Probably a good movie to get on Blu Ray, if only so you can just skip to the last hour of the movie onwards. Kinda like how you would skip to the last 40 minutes of Avengers.

Review in more detail after the jump. Probably spoilery.

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