Jan 082014

witchComing into this season, I didn’t think much of the following three shows. Hell, I didn’t even know one of them existed until I saw people talking about it on Twitter. Turns out two of these three shows are pretty decent. Such a shame that the third is one of the worst first episodes I’ve ever experienced.



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Jan 072014

pupipo1The three-month cycle begins anew. A new season rises out of the ashes of the previous one. New series spring to life, desperately clawing for the scraps of food that make up the otaku zeitgeist. Some will succeed. More will flounder and fail spectacularly. Most will wallow in the pits of mediocrity, destined to be forgotten by the time the next cycle begins.

The act of the rash judgement is a harsh and beautiful thing.


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Jan 012014

cosprayersFinally updated my Best of 2004 list. I hadn’t touched this one since I first wrote it back in 2009, so there are quite a few changes here.

You can check it out here.

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Dec 292013

12013 was the Year of the Short. Out of the 12 series on this year’s list, 7 of them had an episode runtime of 15 minutes of less, and 5 of those had an episode runtime of 5 minutes or less. Only 4 normal length series made it onto this year’s list. The short is the future of anime, peeps. Get with the program or become obsolete.



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Dec 242013

macrossplusThis Secret Santa post almost didn’t happen. I got hit by a nasty funk the week before Christmas. I had to put my 12 Days of Teekyu posts on hold because said funk knocked me out of commission. The very act of watching anime was pretty low on my list of things I wanted to do, since it took far less effort to just turn on the TV and switch it to Boomerang than it did to turn on the computer, find a file, and click on it. I watched a hell of a lot of Secret Squirrel this past week because of that. He does a very good job of being a squirrel, since he has the tail and all, but he isn’t very good at being secret. His idea of infiltrating an enemy’s base involves smashing in the front door and yelling until the villain appears. He’s more like Shouty Squirrel.

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