Jan 142016


It seems my time away from anime has built up my tolerances and I’m now able to watch entire episodes even if I’m not instantly hooked.

Haruchika opens seemingly like it might be yet another boring K-On!! wannabe but quickly becomes intriguing by hinting at stuff actually happening.

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Dec 252015

Some dude on the Hearthstone forums spoiled the biggest story point in Force Awakens. So I’m reduced to watching Force Awakens via… unconventional means, because I was planning to watch it after New Year (not all of us are free during the holidays y’know?), but now I gotta watch it through unconventional means to avoid being further spoiled before going to watch properly later.

Kids these days have no HONOR. Remember the days when the bro-code would actually prevent spoilers? Now you can’t even visit your own Facebook.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve finally watched the movie and there’s something I wanna mention. So, spoiler after the jump. Seriously, there’s a spoiler, so don’t click until you’ve seen the movie.

Oh, and by the way, the movie’s good. Go watch it when you can.

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