May 092016

So I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Big Order. I saw the ending when it was came out, which was fairly cool, if somewhat chuuni. I do vaguely remember the manga version though.

So yeah, I went to finally watch the episode in full and goddamn, the first few minutes are so fucking obnoxious that I just couldn’t even power through it.

Now, I should end this post right here, but Big Order’s opening minutes deserve another “it’s fucking stupid”. So, here we go. Big Order episode 1? Your opening first few minutes? It’s fucking stupid, you fucking retard!

Apr 172016


Okay, new resolution, I’ll post the stuff I write about as soon as they’re done, rather than trying to wait 24 hours, only to be distracted for days on end. I mean, heck, Luluco’s already reached episode 3 and the completed post is just waiting in draft. But for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney because apparently I’m the only one to like it unironically.

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Apr 022016

Wowzers, I’m actually watching and blogging stuff. I’ve watched Space Patrol Luluco #1 and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV #1 the other day and even wrote up a 4 episode blog thingy for a Kamen Rider thing, but WordPress was having issues or something. I’ll get those up inna bit, but for now, let’s talk Ace Attorney #1, which seems to be hated online.

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