Jul 062015


Don’t wanna spend too long talking about these two shows. So let’s not even have a “jump”.

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade is a worthy successor to Little Witch Academia and you should watch it.

I’m not quite sure how to rank it though. Much like how the first LWA felt like season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in that it’s a “pure” piece of animation, Enchanted Parade feels like a season 2 or 3 of MLP:FiM. It’s still grounded in being just plain good but it also has this feel of “Oh, we have fans? Well, we love our fans!”. Which isn’t a bad thing, just not necessarily great either?

Regardless, I have 3 things to say in closing. 1) Go watch Enchanted Parade (unless you haven’t watch the original LWA, in which case, watch that first). 2) Of the original coven, Sucy is still best pony. 3) There’s a Rarity pony doll in the background of a scene. As of this writing, that Rarity now has more screen time/relevance than the actual Rarity in season 5 of MLP:FiM.

Dragonball Super #1
The other show I wanted to talk about is Dragonball Super. Which is a weird show. It’s a continuation of the original manga/anime and it wants to have the same feel. So it has this weird 80s kids anime feel. It’s more like the original Dragonball or Doraemon than Dragonball Z. Outside of setting up the current relationships, the main story is about a misadventure kid Trunks and Goten have.

It’s interesting but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to people outside its demographics. That is to say, I’d recommend it to boys 6 and up and I’d recommend it to people who were fans of the Dragonball Z anime. I mean, damn, if you were able to tolerate THAT show, you can tolerate this one.

But your regular anime viewer with no connection to the franchise might want to just skip it in favor of other shows.

Oh, and the best bit is how Goku got a regular job and he’s so fucking bored out of his fucking mind that he’s just an opened mouth zombie while doing it.

Jul 052015


I’ve been behind on my anime lately. Hell, I’m even behind on Ninja Slayer. But 2 of my most anticipated anime just dropped. Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, I couldn’t not watch. And well, once that got me all high on Japanese animation again, it was time to watch GATE. I’ve re-read a lot of the GATE manga, much as I’d re-read a lot of novels I like. And I was worried that the anime just wasn’t going to hook me in because I’ve already read the manga. That’s happened to me quite a few times in the past actually.

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Jun 182015


Super special post edition. When I was a kid, I was awful at a certain language. As a result, I was always near the bottom of the barrel, except for Math and English, because neither were reliant on said language. I wanted to improve my proficiency though, so I watched the local dub of Space Sheriff Gavan and Kamen Rider Black.

Here’s the thing with Black. It probably shaped my entire view on fiction. For the entirety of the series, the good guy won by protecting a certain girl, thereby preventing the resurrection/awakening of a certain bad guy. My memory’s hazy but I think the bad guys finally managed to kidnap that girl and drained her life force or something. Kamen Rider Black managed to rescue her before the big bad guy was revived but the “generals” of the bad guys donated their own life force to complete the process, thereby awakening the bad guy. And the episode ended with what would turn out to be a really iconic appearance by said bad guy.

And that’s where I ended watching that show. For years, I thought the series ended with the emergence of the bad guy. It was the first time I encountered the bad guys WINNING because they’ve accomplished their objective. I also always presumed they were gonna hold onto power rather than work to bring about their king; so it was also my introduction to cultist/fanatic loyalty.

Well, I was wrong. Apparently the show continued for quite a bit after that but luckily, I didn’t know that.

APPARENTLY, Kamen Rider Black episode 35 is the conclusion to a 2-parter that would culminate in that moment.

I’m gonna watch it now and post as I do. Let’s see if it holds up shall we?

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