Jan 032015

Hell, everything kinda sucked in 2014– on an anime level– on a personal level– on a cosmic level. Everything was coming up barftastic. Nerd culture pulled off its cheesy latex mask and revealed the serial killer dwelling within that anyone with half a brain knew was there the whole time. The world kept being as shitty as it always has been, but it seemed like more people were getting fed up with current shitty trends. My trivial personal matters (mostly work-related) sank me into the depths of Charlie Brown-like existential apathy.

2014 seemed to give everyone the proverbial rock in the Halloween bag, and it can go fuck itself in the abstract concept hellhole that’s its grave.

But there were a few anime things worth talking about. A few. Maybe half a dozen? Maybe a couple more than that. Sure wasn’t enough to make a full-on Top 10 this year.

Actually, I lied. There’s enough to make a Top 10. The year still sucked. Fuck 2014.

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Dec 062014

tokuohHi, are you an anime fan? Hey, have you noticed all those tokusatsu references in anime recently? Hell, have you noticed how a whole bunch of anime pretty much ARE tokusatsu? No? Well, ain’t you sick of being LAME and unknowingly only enjoying some shows 3/4 or 4/5 as much as you would otherwise? Don’t worry, it ain’t your fault. As popular as the original Power Rangers were, it created a stigma due to their tendency to hire rejects and dropouts from the Porn Star School of Acting.

But this here post? Well, if you’ve got an opened mind, here are some recommendations for anime fans who might wanna delve into tokusatsu.

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