Jul 042014

tgeI’ve just finished Tokyo Ghoul 01. The hero’s a wuss, but yeah, this is right up my alley. I’ll refrain from making a full on post for now. I reckon this season has enough going for it that Landon can do his “arbitrary pronouncement” thang.

Jul 032014

penunSo I was reading Landon’s ask.fm thingy which you can see on the side of this blog alongside his twitter thingy. And he was talking about the site that we used to go to. Which was a character creation/competitive fiction site. It was a site that let you create superheroes by writing up the origin, then taking and explaining a bunch of powers from a list. Your character would then be pitted against writer’s character and the winner was decided by votes. As the writers on the site matured, it shifted focus from superheroes and wacky ideas to being more about writing good shit. Genuinely well written, creative or even legitimately funny characters tended to win more often than not.

A dream I’ve had for years was to have my own version of that site. Perhaps once finances permit, I can make that dream a reality eh? But anyways, I felt the writing bug and so, was working on a character in my head. Rather than just doing up and posting the character, I thought I’d go through the creative process here. At the end of which, I’d have to compile all these ideas and post the character here on MG.

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Jun 302014

meggySo now that Toys & Other Plasticrack is its own thing on Mecha Guignol, I’m hoping/planning on doing quite a few more toy reviews and discussions. With ThreeDark onboard, presumably primarily focusing on games, theeeere’s yer regular content. I’ll try to write about stuff based on properties from ye olde Nippon, but yeah, I’ll still talk about imperialist pig-dog western intellectual properties as well.

Anyways, our topic today is Megatron. You know Megatron yes? The generally EVIL leader of the EVIL Decepticons from the Transformers franchise, which is usually about the battle between the good guy Autobots and their EVIL Decepticon counterparts. EVILEVILEVIL!

I’m gonna discuss chronologically, some (if not most) of the Megatron toys that’ve been released over the years. A few exemptions though. A) While the original Generation 1 Megatron was a cool gun toy; as a product of it’s era, the robot mode obviously doesn’t hold up to current standards. So he’s out. B) No Beast Wars Megatron (with technically one exception). C) Nothing from before the year 2000 (which technically, covers A) as well, but G1 Megs deserves a special mention anyway). Four, no non-transforming or 3rd party stuff (with one exception). 5) i.e. E) No Galvatrons (with some leeway in regards to when Megsy gets repainted into Galvy).

Also, some jargon. A toy that’s been repainted is said to have been given a redeco. While one that’s been altered is said to have been given a retool.

Welp, without further ado, I present to you:

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Jun 232014

The boys say hi.Hello all you crazy anime watching people who follow this blog to either yell at Landon or agree with him fanatically, your local lurky non-poster here for a revival of side-blog I’ve run into the ground three times already. This time I’ll just be writing these as they come to me/as they are necessary as articles for MG so that when I eventually stop writing them it won’t just result in just another dead url in the æther of the internet.

For the most part I am going to be using these posts as a resource, both for myself and my players. I am using MG as a way to show my processes and just let people see just how fucked up things can get when I am deep into something. Take that as you will.

So, if you feel like sticking around and reading what I have to say then I hope you enjoy yourself, no guarantees though. I am serious. I am going to be going on some world class tangents here. There is no yellow brick road where I’m going. No turning back. Only madness.

Madness and dice. Lots of both.