Jul 232014

takaWell, here’s the thing, I dig Kamen Rider Gaim. I kept meaning to do write ups for it for Mecha Guignol, but I kept putting it off ’cause I wanted to start from the start. But yeah, playing catch up’s not gonna get nuthin’ done. So, kinda late coming in, but here’s Kamen Rider Gaim 38.

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Jul 222014


Sabagebu! 03

Sabagebu! continues to deliver. What could have been a lame loli-fetish ep was instead, a pretty damn good child abuse and child murdering ep. Yeah, kids don’t deserve any special treatment. Nor shouldn’t they be repeatedly shot. Sabagebu! not only doesn’t shy away from that, but it doesn’t wallow in pandering to lolicons. The little girls in this ep received no special treatment, and that’s a good thing.

The Narrator’s in good form as well. Though of course, the animals, and in particular the crow, stole the episode. The crow’s awesome, not for any one impressive feat, but for its long and storied past. This crow’s seen some shit and has come out the better for it.

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Jul 212014

So in this post, I said “at least I haven’t been facing decks filled with Legendaries” (I’m paraphrasing myself here). Well, in the comments section, I noted how ironic it was that right after publishing said post, I faced precisely that. A Priest who started out seemingly normal. He had Basics with some Commons and Rares slipped in. Nothing out of the ordinary. But around midgame, he started pulling out Epic after Epic and then Legendaries. One of which was Illidan Stormrage (a big name in the Warcraft-verse) and one or two other powerful cards; I can’t remember who they were. Luckily, I had a good card to deal with Illidan and overcame the other cards in a normal fashion. But then, boom, I exhausted all my cards while the other guy still had, what, half his deck? He pulled out Deathwing, which destroys all minions on the board, and I had to give up. I had zero cards left. Tis a shame too, since he only had 3 HP left. Considering his apparent level of play, I’m gonna guess he’s someone who paid real dosh. I mean, if I could put him on the ropes, then he ain’t all that.

Well, if that was ironic, then what happened next was coincidental, ’cause right after I posted that comment, I encountered the same scenario. Only this time, I was in a better mindset to deal with it.

The match started as normal. And when I say “normal”, I mean that we’re both just using Basics and Commons for the most part. Like my previous opponent, this Mage threw out some Rares early on, but I was able to counter. But as we approach the late game, she started throwing out a buncha Legendaries as well. One was Ragnaros the Firelord and another was some wizard who gave the Mage a Fireball with every spell cast. But this time, I was mentally ready, and managed to take them out early before they could do much damage. Lucky for me, I drew nothing but spells early on while presumably, the Mage drew nothing but Legendaries. So there were quite a few turns where she only did minor damage to me (she had some Minion with 2/3 on board).

Aaaaanyways, I finally got some minions, but saved them up. I knew she had no more Polymorphs. There was a close call where she set me up for a Flamestrike, but I knew she had one on hand, so I took precautions. Finally, with both our decks nearly exhausted, I finally got the cards neccessary to win. And win I did:


I finally got the 2 Divine Spirits and 1 Inner Fire I needed. I also had an Oasis Snapjaw and a Mogu’shan Warden on hand. I played both together because I figured if she killed one, I’d still have the other. She tried to get their HP down to 4 each so she could finish them off with a Flamestrike, but I was ready for that ’cause I kept track of her Flamestrike usage. I healed ‘em up, but she managed to kill the Oasis Snapjaw anyway. But it didn’t matter. I was ready.

Game. Set. Match.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually mind people having better cards than me. It simply means they’ve either spent real money or they’ve spent waaaay more time on the game than I have, OR they’re simply that much better in the Arena. As time progresses and I improve my game, I’ll be one of those selfsame “guys who wins unfairly due to having better cards” myself.

Jul 202014


So it’s summer time. This means, for some of you weirdos, camping out in the wilds and possibly getting eaten by bears. However, despite this fine tradition of reverting to more primitive lifestyles, this madness has given rise to a simple delicacy: The S’more. In the spirit of this I give unto you… the S’more Brownie!

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Jul 202014

Welp, the Naxxramas expansion is coming up real soon, like, in just a couple days. At first I was like, “I’mma gonna have to save up to unlock dis”, but then I found out that the expansion can be unlocked any time, not just during the launch. So then I was like, “Fuckit, I’mma gonna buy Booster Decks”, because I’m playing with a limited selection of cards anyway. If I don’t get new cards, I’d just die more and it’d be harder to save up in the long run. Well, I’ve since bought like, 5 Booster Decks, and although I got a few decent cards outta those, I found they were pretty much non-factors in the games I’ve had since. In fact, the one card I got that’s proven to be semi-useful, is one I crafted myself. Some sorta Stealthed Imp that randomly gives +1 per end of turn. Which has proven to not be that GREAT from a practical standpoint, but great from a psychological standpoint.

Aaaaanyways, with the gold I earned today, I got the following:


First, the Commons. The Bloodsail Raider’s not useful to me at all at the moment, since I don’t usually play classes that are weapons heavy. Harvest Golem should be good. I encounter it a lot and it’s one that’s moderately annoying. Mogu’shan Warden might also be pretty good.

Then I opened the Rare Siphon Soul. Which, like the Harvest Golem and Mogu’shan Warden, is pretty good for me as I’ve been playing Zoolock a lot lately.

But then, the card that made me make my MG post here, the GOLDEN Epic Murloc Warleader. I’ve tried playing Murlock, and it’s pretty decent. But I really don’t have enough Murlocs to pull it off as effectively as it could be. But now… well, I still don’t have enough, but it’s a step in the right direction AND it’s a Golden.

So, Hearthstone in general. It’s okay. It usually takes me give or take 10 minutes per full match. That’s great when I wanna pass some time away. Like if I’m doing a buncha downloads, I can play a game or two while it progresses. Win/Loss-wise, I seem to be losing at a ratio of 3 or 4 to 1, but it’s not quite as frustrating as it was a few weeks ago, because a few weeks ago, the game seemed to keep pitting me with far superior players. Guys who seemed to have nothing but Rares, Epics and Legendaries.

I’m getting Miracle Rogued quite a bit lately as well, but generally speaking, these days, I’m mostly schooled by guys who are simply playing better than me. I can’t complain when they’re using the same mix of Basic and just a couple Common/Rare cards as I am. Their draws aren’t always great either. Again, I was simply beaten by better playing, and I’m fine with that.

It does get a tad frustrating when the gamebreaker is a Legendary they manage to field, but at least they aren’t fielding nigh nothing but Legendaries like some games I’ve had. It’s annoying when the other guy keeps getting exactly the card they need too, but I’ve won quite a few games where the other guy obviously wasn’t getting anything good, so I can’t complain about that either.

Welp, that’s it for now. Just gloating because I got the Golden version of a mid-tier card.