May 292015

Garo_Gold_Storm_Shou_01_HD720O hai dere. Well, as y’all know, Mecha Guignol’s primarily an anime blog thingamajig and I figure, what’s more anime than Garo? Garo was one of the better anime last season and well, here’s a new Garo. Gold Storm Shou apparently started as a movie and was followed up almost immediately with this tv series. I have no idea what it’s gonna be in terms of chronology/continuity, but let’s blog aboot it shall we? I mean, sure, it’s got some live action bits but that’s a gimmick lots of anime use, where they interject live action bits in. It dun mean nuthin’, it’s still an anime. It’s still got animated bits and cgi bobs. So yeah, here’s the live-ish review of Garo: Gold Storm Shou #1.

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