Mar 312015

mosesOkay, that was cool. Possibly somewhat bittersweet? But whatever, it’s only a couple minutes long. Watch it you infidels!

Also, I’m not even sure if what I saw was “really” Show by Rock!!? Because the art doesn’t match the preview cover art? Oh well, whatever. Just find it and enjoy yourself.

Fuck, it’s an April fucking Fool’s joke. I’m mad not because they didn’t actually release Show by Rock!!, but because what they DID show is far superior to whatever SbR!! will be and I want a full season of it. Here’s the link to what I actually saw:

義足のMoses from ががめ on Vimeo.

Mar 312015


Just read this one-shot. It’s similar to Terra Formars in that it deals with humanity fighting a hopeless battle against “roaches”, only, y’know, with less (un)intentional? black face/racism. Like Terra Formars, there’s cheesecaking, violence and lots of violent death. But done right and it doesn’t have that stupid “roaches can now gain insect super powers” thing.

Link after the jump.

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