Jan 072015


Awhile back, I recommended Space Sheriff Sharivan – Next Generation. As far as the superhero tokusatsu genre goes, I think it’s a really good entry level movie, particularly for a more adult audience. Space Sheriff Shaider – Next Generation, is the much anticipated (by me at least) follow-up movie which wraps up the Space Sheriff (insert Space Sheriff name) – Next Generation “trilogy”. Does it live up to the anticipation?

In a word…

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Jan 062015


I really wanna like Yuri Bear Attack On Arashi Storm We Wanna Eat All Humans. Honest to goodness. I want it to be the sort of surreal, bizarre comedy/melodrama thing I expect from the dude behind the likes of Utena. But I’m still feeling burned by how Penguindrum ended up being such a tedious bore. I’m cautious– kinda like how you’d get if one of the titular man-eating bears were to scoot to close to your back yard window or something. I’m afraid Yuri Bear’s gonna jump out at me and maul me with banality. I don’t wanna die like that.

The first episode ain’t great or anything, but there’s enough going on here to keep me from feeling those foreboding jaws clamping down on my neck just yet.

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Jan 032015

Hell, everything kinda sucked in 2014– on an anime level– on a personal level– on a cosmic level. Everything was coming up barftastic. Nerd culture pulled off its cheesy latex mask and revealed the serial killer dwelling within that anyone with half a brain knew was there the whole time. The world kept being as shitty as it always has been, but it seemed like more people were getting fed up with current shitty trends. My trivial personal matters (mostly work-related) sank me into the depths of Charlie Brown-like existential apathy.

2014 seemed to give everyone the proverbial rock in the Halloween bag, and it can go fuck itself in the abstract concept hellhole that’s its grave.

But there were a few anime things worth talking about. A few. Maybe half a dozen? Maybe a couple more than that. Sure wasn’t enough to make a full-on Top 10 this year.

Actually, I lied. There’s enough to make a Top 10. The year still sucked. Fuck 2014.

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