Oct 132010

Seems like I’m watching a hell of a lot more anime this go-around than I have in, like, forever. Not that all of these series are totally uberly awesome or whatever, but I’m still watching a shitload.

The short of it: There’s plenty that’s watchable, and a few series that look to be on the verge of being pretty awesome, but nothing’s sticking out the way Occult Academy, Tatami Galaxy, and Cobra did earlier this year (Or the way Durarara! looked initially.).

The long of it continues below.

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Oct 092010

I never watched the first season of *insert long title here* Index, and I absolutely hated *insert same title here* Railgun, as discussed in previous posts. So I initially had no intention of checking out the second season of Index. But Updatedude wormed his otaku tentacles around and coerced me into checking out the first episode of the second season. He wanted to see how someone who hadn’t seen the first season would react to this episode. I obliged and entered into his one person experiment.

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Nov 282009

They’ve changed it, now it sucks the same as it always did.

Landon Edit: The above picture illustrates the most rational way in which one should react to Railgun’s mediocrity: with doe-eyed annoyance. Also, Updatedude’s going to be doing some stuff around here. He also has his own WordPress joint, so check it out.

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