Oct 132010

Seems like I’m watching a hell of a lot more anime this go-around than I have in, like, forever. Not that all of these series are totally uberly awesome or whatever, but I’m still watching a shitload.

The short of it: There’s plenty that’s watchable, and a few series that look to be on the verge of being pretty awesome, but nothing’s sticking out the way Occult Academy, Tatami Galaxy, and Cobra did earlier this year (Or the way Durarara! looked initially.).

The long of it continues below.

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Oct 022010

So I watched a preview of some upcoming anime called Super Hero Legends. Damn thing looks awesome. It’s some sort of throwback to old school kiddie hero shows. Lots of wacky characters, like robots and aliens and dudes in underwear that can fly. Looks like it’s in the vein of Kinnikuman or Yatterman. Really digging the art style of the show. I’m sure most people’ll say it’s crappy or whatever, but that’s because they think everything has to fall into that narrow “as lifelike as anime can look” look that every other damn show uses. It’s awesome stuff.

But for some reason there was an episode long bonus feature tacked onto the end of the preview. Something about manga artists and stuff. I think it’s called Bakuman. I was wondering why the download was so big for a two-minute preview.

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