Jul 072010

I was reading ghostlightning’s post on the Black Lagoon OAV and the idea of how over the top the action scenes in the series can get before they become too over the top came up. While he didn’t necessarily feel that way, it was brought to mind that Fabiola’s aerial gunplay style crosses that esoteric line and becomes gratuitous rather than true to the style.

I’m gonna have to disagree with that. Not only is Fabiola’s style not over the top, her fighting style is playing right into the very style that the series wants.

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May 242010

To emphasize how much of a Street Fighter fan I am:

This past week I bought a Madcatz fighting stick for my PS3. It’s one of those ~$140 monstrosities that are made with high-quality parts and stuff. I got the Marvel vs. Capcom model, since that’s what Gamestop apparently carries. Pretty awesome, but I gotta get used to playing Street Figher with a stick again. It’s been ages since I’ve played it in the arcade, and before this I’ve never spent money on an arcade stick. I’ve acclimated to using the d-pad ever since Street Fighter hit the SNES back in the day that I’m all but having to re-learn how to do certain things. Still, I’m finding certain combos to be a hell of a lot easier to pull off, and Focus Canceling is a bit easier as well. I still suck at it, but at least now it’s a matter of “getting used to it” rather than “this damn PS3 pad makes it all but impossible *throws controller at cat*.”

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