May 072011

I ended up lagging behind on Iron Man and Wolverine. Not because I thought they sucked or anything. They just got lost in the shuffle like a lot of series I watch end up doing. But this past weekend I intentionally blew through the remaining episodes I hadn’t seen.

The short of it: I liked both, but Wolverine was a good bit better than Iron Man.

Also, I’m totally reusing the pic from the last post I made about these two series. Go-Go Slacker Pic Reuse!

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Oct 252010

The first three episodes of Iron Man were fairly solid, and they “felt” like how an Iron Man story would play out in anime form. It followed the movies for the most part and kept with the way the general audience would expect Tony Stark and company to behave. The series has been something that could easily play as a mini series published by Marvel Comics.

The catch is that the anime hasn’t really felt like a proper, in-house, Marvel continuity storyline. It’d make sense within the context of said universe, but it didn’t have nearly as many of the tell-tale signs that make a Marvel fan say “Yep, that’s how Marvel Comics rolls.”

Episode four finally got around to The Marvel Way and is all the more awesome because of it.

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Oct 132010

Seems like I’m watching a hell of a lot more anime this go-around than I have in, like, forever. Not that all of these series are totally uberly awesome or whatever, but I’m still watching a shitload.

The short of it: There’s plenty that’s watchable, and a few series that look to be on the verge of being pretty awesome, but nothing’s sticking out the way Occult Academy, Tatami Galaxy, and Cobra did earlier this year (Or the way Durarara! looked initially.).

The long of it continues below.

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Sep 072010

Putting summer in quotes because all of the big summer-like movies are slowly starting to escape from their former hunting grounds and ravage adjacent months. Clash of the Titans came out at the beginning of April, and that was after it was pushed back a week from its March release date. Next week the latest Resident Evil movie, this time gussied up in 3D, is coming out as well. These are movies that, at the very least, get dumped off in August. They’re summer movies, but they’re coming out well outside the summer’s grasp. Pretty soon that’s all we’ll see: a bunch of “event” movies coming out one after another. It isn’t an inherently bad thing or whatever, but it’s amusing.

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