Dec 312010


Yep. Obligatory “Best of the Year” post. Hell, I churned out ten of these damn things last year so I could catch up on everything I hadn’t written about in the millions of years I spent not blogging, so I may as well churn out one for this year, right?

So yeah, Let’s Listage!



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Nov 232010

Yeah, despite the fact that Tom Cruise has had a couple of notable lawyer roles in his career (A Few Good Men and The Firm come to mind immediately.), the peeps behind Panty and Stocking decided it’d be best to have Cruise decked out as his sexist self-help scam artist from Magnolia. It makes perfect sense when you realize that said character is all about fucking as many women as you can using the power of The Secret– a perfect thematic compliment for Panty’s “I fuck anything that has a stiff appendage” attitude. It’s all about respecting the cock.

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Oct 132010

Seems like I’m watching a hell of a lot more anime this go-around than I have in, like, forever. Not that all of these series are totally uberly awesome or whatever, but I’m still watching a shitload.

The short of it: There’s plenty that’s watchable, and a few series that look to be on the verge of being pretty awesome, but nothing’s sticking out the way Occult Academy, Tatami Galaxy, and Cobra did earlier this year (Or the way Durarara! looked initially.).

The long of it continues below.

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Oct 092010

Last week I was going on about how the first few episodes of your typical Saturday Morning Cartoon are all about setting the playing field so that future episodes can bust out with the super ultra goodness. Looks like that’s the case with Panty and Stocking. Not so much the bee/high school episode, which was awesome only for the sex ed bit where kids were taught that pre-marital high school sex will kill you (regardless of position), but for the movie episode.

What’s funny is that said episode, “Sex and the Daten City,” had absolutely nothing to do with the main “plot” of the series.

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