Dec 242009

I bought the Peanuts 1960’s collection around Halloween. I’m a sucker for Charlie Brown and gang, and having all of the specials released in chronological order is pretty damn awesome. What surprised me is the fact that the set had several additional dubs, one of which was Japanese. Being an anime fan, I had to check this out. So I popped in the Halloween special and watched it in Japanese. As far as I could tell they got actual kids to do the voices, just like how they got kids to do the voices in the original English version. Sounded pretty good. I could tell that some of the dialogue was changed (pretty sure Charlie Brown doesn’t say “I got a rock” when he opens his candy bag), but the only subtitles provided were the closed captioning ones for the English dialogue, so I can’t confirm my suspicions.

Anyway, to answer the question from the topic, in this particular Japanese version Charlie Brown goes “RHAAAAAAAAA!” instead of “AAAAUUUUUUGH!” I figure it’s an appropriate change, but I have to wonder if there’s obsessive Peanuts fans in Japan that get pissed over the fact that they changed Charlie Brown’s trademark scream for the localization. You know, like how obsessive fans get pissed when you spell it Alucard instead of Arucard.

I wanted to link to the Japanese dub for Christmas, unfortunately I’ve had no luck finding that version on YouTube and I have no desire to post it myself. In my attempt to find said version, though, I found the Japanese dub I embedded at the beginning of this post.

In this one, Charlie Brown doesn’t sound like a kid. Nope, he sounds like the dude that looks like Charlie Brown from Kill Bill Part One. I’ll admit, there’s a certain charm to hearing Charlie Brown in an obviously adult voice. I’ll take that over the usual “let’s get some girl to do the voice of all the young boys” routine.  Regardless, I prefer hearing him actually sound like a kid. I’m also digging Lucy’s voice in the above dub, if only because she has your stereotypical Japanese “bitch” voice. I was totally waiting for her to cover her mouth and break out into a Kodachi-style “oooooohohoho!”

They keep Snoopy’s vocalizations the same, though. I guess his “uags!” and “blehs!” are universal.

Anyway, Merry X-Mas Y’all! I hope y’all get coal in y’all’s stockings for being naughty little childrens.

Oct 152009

I am a dragon of heaven, and you are a dragon of earth. Fuuma, I… wait, wrong CLAMP series. Yeah, you can tell it’s a CLAMP series if you begin with someone coming to a new town and perching on some high point to oversee the land, all while making some vague comment about things to come. Throw in some cherry blossoms and BAM! There you go, CLAMP stuff.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be seeing any X-styled decapitated-head-cradling in this one. But I do foresee some Chobits-level twisted morality. Let me tell you why.

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