Oct 272010

Know how I went on and on about how Kamina ain’t all that mainly? I stand by that. He was a lot of talk and had nothing to show for his hot air.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to find a bastion of masculinity, especially when anime is so rife with weak, androgynous (in appearance, behavior, or both), and ineffective male leads. I can’t blame people for looking to Kamina as the antidote for Shinji Ikari’s spawn. But Kamina isn’t the cure. Nope, if you want to find the manliest man in all of anime, you have to look in a highly unlikely place.

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Dec 312009

When I originally compiled this list, I left out Detroit Metal City because I made some silly “no OVA” rule.

Then Krauser had his way with me and all of that changed.

But DMC didn’t quite make it to the top despite all of that. Yeah.



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