Oct 202014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Transformers… maybe a tad too much. The original cartoon had the “it” factor. Then came the horribly awful Japanese Headmasters (which I watched dubbed, hence the horrible-ness on top of the awful), after which was the pretty decent Masterforce and then the admittedly rather good Victory. Eventually we got Beast Wars, which I personally never cared for, but finally, we had Beast Machines, wherein I gave the “Beastie-verse” another try and it turned out, yeah, Beast Machines was pretty good. There are those who said Beast Machines was terrible, but they’re full of shit. Anyways, one of my favorite designs/characters in Beast Machines was Tankor. And after aboot 20 years, we’re finally getting a toy of him.

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Aug 262014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAY’know, I kinda stopped reviewing Transformers awhile ago because I seldom had anything to say about them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Transformers, but when they actually got consistently good across the board, that’s when I struggled with reviewing them. Much like how most G.I. Joes or S.H. Figuarts are pretty much basically the same, I just ain’t got nothing extraordinary to talk about. Not so with Hasbro’s Transformers Thrilling Thirty Leader Jetfire here.

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Oct 262009

You thought you escaped. You thought they would never return. You thought that Landon dude had forgotten to do the sequel to that horrifying Pokemon kiddie toy review. Your hopes and dreams have been crushed, as the Pokemon Cheebees return in full force. Cower in fear as these adorable atrocities show you that there is no god, that your parents never loved you, and that toys can destroy your soul. Or whatever.

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Oct 202009

(Another review I originally posted over at Turquoise Version.)

As I was perusing a local Toys R Us a few weeks back, I happened uponĀ these little monstrosities: Pokemon Cheebees. I thought to myself, “Pokemon vinyl figures? That almost makes sense,” and snapped up all four of them right then and there.

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Oct 192009

(Another review initially posted at Turquoise Version. Check that joint out already.)

Bulletto is the Clint Eastwood of the Moofia. As you can see, he likes to squint. He also likes big guns. He’s lacking in chimpanzee sidekicks, but he makes up for that with two sentient shotgun shells at his side. I’m sure Clyde would approve.

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