Haikyuu! A Meaningful Anime Series of Volleyball

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Aug 112019

Haikyuu !! is an amazing volleyball sports anime that tells the story of two characters who think that they will be enemies but eventually become comrades: Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio.

“Enemies” and “Allies” become one. That sounds paradoxical, but it is the most accurate description of Hinata and Kageyama’s relationship: the strongest enemy is the strongest ally!

In volleyball, once standing on either side of the net, it is a battle. And the battle of the two takes place quickly. Hinata has failed miserably, the pain of losing the game caused him to burst into tears, but in that tears, there was also the determination to take revenge. Kageyama, though in the position of the winner, doesn’t feel satisfied at all, because there are moments when confronting each other, he realizes in Hinata’s eyes an overwhelming strength, the power that makes he felt threatened.

Just like that, in the opponent’s eyes, they are opponents. Viewers wait for a familiar plot: after the first encounter, the result will be the one who loses the winner; They both practiced non-stop and then reunited at a top match. But all speculations have turned in a completely different direction when they know that their relationship does not stop at the words “enemy”. From the opponent, Kageyama and Hinata are forced to be teammates in a situation that no one can predict: they join a high school, join a volleyball club.

Hinata’s frightening speed and power combined with Kageyama’s precise pass made them an invincible duo. In the past, there was no one ball that could maximize Hinata’s power, nor did any of the smokers keep up with Kageyama’s fast pass. The chemistry between the two matched like the next two pieces in a puzzle game.

Even though being partners, Kageyama and Hinata have always considered the enemy to be the one to overcome. It doesn’t show up in quarrels or races, but it’s the times when Kageyama and Hinata work together. Their combination is successful because they are both constantly training to catch up to their opponents, so Hinata can get a pass from Kageyama, and let Kageyama be able to make the most accurate ball to Hinata.


Animated studio Ghibli officially opened an amusement park in 2022

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Jul 282019

Stuido’s animated films from Ghibli from Japan have become part of childhood and are associated with memories of many generations. So no less than once, we always want to set foot in the world of coloring this fairy in real life.

If the West can show off its distinctive animated culture coming from Disney mouse houses, then the animated worlds from the East, especially Japan, can be proud of the famous Ghibli animation studio. . This is the cradle for colorful culture like fairy tales mixed with Asian and Western folk elements with names like Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, … or like an Oscar-winning animated film – Spirited Away. Most of these films have become memories of childhood in the memory of generations.

So long ago fans of the cartoon world of Ghibli have longed to experience and live in this wonderful world. Satisfying fans, the Japanese legendary animation studio recently confirmed that it will open an amusement park in early 2022 and take the theme of movies that make the name of the Ghibli.

The Ghibli animation studio theme park has a total area of ​​200 hectares and is located inside the Park celebrating Expo 2005 in Nagakute city of Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This is where the World Expo took place in 2005. According to the Nagakute regional government, the park will be carefully built to ensure that it does not harm nature and make good use of land and existing works.

At a press conference in Tokyo last Friday, Ghibli Animation Studio and investors made basic plans for the park in the future. It will be too soon to have an accurate look but the images and sketches below are enough to satisfy fans’ wishes.

The theme park will showcase three areas inspired by the three best-known, most resonant film productions for the company in 2022 including: Young fresh hills – based on Howl’s Moving Castle; The forest of Dondoko – based on My Neighbor Totoro and finally the Giant Ghibli.

And in the following years, the project inspired the movie Princess Mononoke – for Mononoke and the Witch Valley – based on both the Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle, to be released later. .

This park project is expected to create many marks and great success as the Ghibli Museum was established in Mitaka, Tokyo in 2001.

Downside of Japanese Billion-Dollar Anime Industry

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Jul 132019

The world-class anime series like Sailor Moon, One Peace or Pokémon have brought in more than $ 19 billion a year in revenue for the industry in the period 2002-2017.

However, the strong development of the Japanese anime industry hiding hidden reality is worrisome: many animators behind the magic attraction on the screen are empty. They face working conditions that can lead to exhaustion and even suicide.

However, the strong development of the Japanese anime industry is hiding the worrisome reality. Many animators behind the magic attraction on the screen are empty. They face working conditions that can lead to exhaustion and even suicide.

Shingo Adachi, a famous Japanese painter, said the shortage of manpower in this industry is a serious problem today. He said the lack of talent is a serious problem going on. With nearly 200 animated TV series produced in Japan every year, there are not enough skilled animators to make such a large number of movies. Instead, studios must rely on freelance artists, they are paid according to the product, not the monthly salary. Because passion they are willing to accept cheap pay.

The intermediate artists are paid about 200 yen for each picture. This rate of pay is not bad if every artist can draw 200 drawings a day, but every anime drawing can take more than an hour. That’s not to mention paying attention to other details that must be changed when the movie is shown in Western countries, such as food, architecture, landscapes.

In addition, conditions for working in the anime industry are also extremely stressful. Anime artists often fall asleep at their desks because of exhaustion. Henry Thurlow, an American anime painter who lives and works in Japan, said he had been hospitalized many times because he sat on his desk for too long.

Madhouse’s film studio, based in Tokyo, was recently accused of violating labor laws because it forced employees to work nearly 400 hours a month and for 37 consecutive days, without a day off. The suicide of a male anime artist in 2014 in Japan was considered due to work pressure after investigators found that he had worked more than 600 hours in the month before committing suicide.

The Prince of Tennis Untold Story

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Jun 252019

Prince of Tennis is a very attractive sports anime revolving around the passion of tennis by the talented Echizen Ryoma. A surprise announcement was announced at TeniPuri Festa 2016 ~ Kassen ~ event on Sunday. The announcement stated that a new Prince of Tennis anime project is in progress.

This is information confirmed by Takeshi Konomi, the author of the original manga. Takeshi is participating in the film as a production director for this new anime project.

The film is an unprecedented 3-month story between the story of the first Prince of Tennis manga and The Prince of Tennis II series. What is told in the movie is completely different from the story in both manga series.

The release date of this Prince of Tennis version has not been announced yet. However, the original manga author made many fans curious about the message that it would be a great movie. It will be beyond your expectations so please look forward to it!

Takeshi posted The Prince of Tennis manga in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1999 to 2008.

The story takes place in a middle school in Tokyo revolving around the young Ryoma Echizen, a tennis genius who recently joined Seishun Academy or Seigaku. Seigaku is a famous student who has a very strong Tennis Club in the area with talented players. Ryoma quickly defeated his seniors after going to school to win a place in the official lineup. In the process of pursuing my final goal of leading the Tennis High School Championship, the team members met many new opponents, training themselves to improve themselves. Ryoma also gradually developed his own style of play and realized what the sport meant to him.

The manga once inspired a TV anime, 2 movies, 1 live – action, and many other hit products. The Prince of Tennis II manga series was later published in Jump Square in 2009.

New Conan Anime’s Revenue Reaches 6 billion JPY After 2 Months of Release

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Jun 112019

Detective Conan is still proving his attraction to fans when achieving impressive sales figures in the latest episode.

Although thought to be the most persistent comic book, which is expected to end by the community soon, it seems that Detective Conan is still proving his attraction to fans when the latest anime episode of the series has been reached a turnover of 6 billion Japanese yen after less than 2 months of premiere. This is also the 20th episode in the anime version that is completely independent of the manga, called Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare.

This record is even higher than what 19 Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno established in 2015 with a total revenue of 4,5 4.5 billion. So with these consecutive records, the total sales for anime franchise Detective Conan Conan has reached 60 billion yen. It became one of the most expensive anime brands in the history of cherry blossoms.

The reason why Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare has been so successful is mainly because the film refers to the content that the majority of fans are waiting for: The battle with the Black Organization. In the movie, you will meet again familiar names like gin, Vodka, Vermoouth, Chianti, Koeen, Kir, Bourbon and especially the Rum – who has never appeared in all the previous episodes of this series.

If you don’t know, Detective Conan: The Darkness Nightmare is the 20th episode in the Case Closed which is a version with completely new content with what you’ve seen in comics. Officially launched in 2007 with the episode of Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure, this anime series has become an extremely interesting entertainment dish in thousands of fans worldwide.

This result is not surprising because since the theater, the movie has proved attractive without its competitors. The film sold 933,800 tickets with sales of 1.209 billion yen and topped the Japanese box office in the first 3 days of premiere. This is considered a record revenue, although due to the continuous impact of earthquakes, 11 theaters canceled movie showtimes. The film’s opening sales this time exceeded 38% compared to the 19th movie, Detective Conan: Sunflowers.