Oct 042010


Watching Gundam Reconguista in G #1 right now, gonna do a live-ish report thingy. As a preamble, I dig the snail-like head of the new main Gundam. I wouldn’t be surprised if it veers toward a more traditional look as the series progresses though. I think the Exia from Gundam OO also shifted toward a more generic/traditional look as the series progressed. Anyways, let us begin. Mecha Guignol, Icky Mass!

Watching the Opening Sequence now. I kinda dig the more rounded looks of the characters, although the redhead seems to have a totally different artstyle than everyone else.

Oh goodie, what I presume to be the new Zaku looks nice. Bit of Votoms, bit of Acguy and a bit of Savage from Full Metal Panic.

AHAHAHAHA! That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve seen… The “Zaku” shoots a wire at the main Gundam, which made the cockpit eject the pilot out. And she flies out in a really dumb looking ball which opens up into a flight suit. Maybe it seemed cool on paper/preview, but it’s just hilariously hokey in reality.

I like the winged Jegan-ish type design.

Now we get a random Christiany sermon and… a city made out of candy. Oh wow, and I thought the orange motif on Gaim was silly. They have entire orange rocket apartment blocks here.

Hmm, so, in this future Gundam-verse, teachers/commanding officers are allowed to whip you. But there’s no consequence if you sass back at them, provided you can avoid the whip of course. Also, cheerleaders have a tendency to interrupt mission briefings. Well, considering they DO live in giant centipeded oranges… wait, did that officer just tell his men to like, rape the cheerleaders? Because first they told the cheerleaders to stop interrupting, so the cheerleaders playfully run off. Then the officer tells his presumably military school men to catch the girls. Why? Didn’t you want them to leave? What could you possibly want your lonely soldiers to do by “catching” the girls?

So, the girls aren’t allowed to cheer during practical training? Which seems like the perfect time to cheer. Also, AHAHAHAHA! This random officer dude just kicked a cheerleader.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAohgod… So, one of the cheerleaders complained that he kicked her friend, and someone yells “It’s the Under Nut!”, which I thought he was somehow referring to his kicking her. But no, the Under Nut which they constantly call out, refers to a Nut that is not counted amongst the 144 Nuts of whatever. I presume Nuts refer to their fruity space apartments. Either way, the Engrish here is pretty hilarious (because Nuts means BALLS durr hurr).

What is up with their gravity? One second, they walk the halls like normal, the next, the guy in the fat space suit is hopping like he’s on the moon? Hmm, a double check shows that their gravity was earth-like as the girls looked out a window, but it became Zero G upon reaching a Nut.

I like the TV faces of the utility mechs.

Why’s… he smiling that a probable pirate is coming at him? And how’d the bridge guys know it’s not a pirate Gundam?

I dig the eye catch.

AHAHAHA! The Indian girl is yelling “G! G!”, which sounds like the Indian/Hindi/Tamil word “Ji”.

Terrorist: Use your imagination on what I’ll do if you don’t do as I say! Oh, but I won’t cut the cable that’s pretty much the only thing you’re afraid I’ll do other than blowing you up.

The “facial” expressions on the Utility Mechs are amusing.

Okay, so I’m at the bit where she says the world is not square… also, will this new main Gundam actually not be an unstoppable godmode machine? I mean, a utility/training mech just broke its shield. Which I reckon, is gonna take on military grade super lasers as the series progresses.

Now the Indian chick is going jiiii like staaaare.

Yay! The captain just slapped the self confessed space pirate. For some reason, this gets shocked looks from the main guy and the girls because… erm, because they find her hot? Like, I’m talking about the girls (and a robot) finding her hot. The men aren’t batting an eye. Hey, considering that from the perspective of the captain, this pirate chick just tried to murder all of them, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him being hostile.

Why’s her hair the only one not affected by gravity? And does she have some pheremone shampoo or something? Because the main dude barely looked at her before he walked pass her zero g hair.

The guards are also rather inconsistent with the Indian girl. One moment they wanna restrain her, the next they let her go as she pleases. And one of them just randomly notes that maybe the reason she’s acting all antsy when she sees the mech she came from, which she keeps calling out to; maaaaaybe it’s because there’s some connection between her and the mech, he says.

Hmm, the Gundam AI asks for the “Rayhunton Code”, to which the main dude says “These conform to international standards!” and that activates the mech car keys?

Captain: He got it working?
Pirate Chick: No way! How!?
Main Dude: It conforms to universal standards.

That’s like being surprised I know how to drive your regular mass produced for the middle class consumer car.

Okay, the ep’s ended. Sorry for a lack of timestamps. I’ll add those later, maybe… probably not.

So, what did I think of episode 1 of Gundam Reconguista in G in general? Well, if it didn’t have the Gundam name attached, it’d be a pretty sucky pilot. This show makes about as much sense as a Michael Bay Transformers movie. Seriously. People are just spouting random dialogue. You roughly understand what they’re saying in context, but that’s EXACTLY like a live action Transformers movie. You vaguely understand how things are proceeding in a general sense, but no individual sequence makes much (if any) sense.

I’d give this a miss. Maybe it’ll get better later. But let the diehard fans make the potential sacrifice of finding that out. Everyone else should save their time.

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