Jan 042011

Tell it like it is, brother. Well, except for my last trip to Vegas. My gambling luck sucked as well. Then again, his luck sucked at the end of this episode as well, so he’s still telling it like it is.

As for the actual first episode of this stupid series, it was crazy in most of the right ways. Those ridiculous rash-like red spots on the girls that make them look like lepers more than sexy chicks were pretty sickening, though. That Five Card Draw scene at the end was crazy awesome, though. Now if only they were playing a poker game that people actually play in casinos. You know, like Texas Hold ‘Em. Hell, something obscure like Omaha’d be more believable.

But yeah, I totally relate with you, generic first episode villain whose existence will mean nothing once the second episode airs. Luck sucks like that.

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