Jan 182011

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Gogo Fucking Yubari sings the opening theme from Level E? Kinda shocked that it’s a halfway decent song given the fact that so many other anime themes come off like Level (Mickey) D, but yeah. Could do without that lameass pause in the music video, but what do you expect from music videos?

Cool song. Awesomer anime.

So yeah, the alien dude is royalty or something. This is totally matching up with my Magical Boyfriend theory from last week. Not only is this dude a alien with magical hippie powers (Hell, even his home planet is renowned for its pacifist nature.), he’s the planet’s goddamn prince! That makes him even more of the ideal magical home invasion partner, if it weren’t for the fact that he picked the wrong apartment. If he’d just picked the chick next door, this would totally be a reverse Ah! My Goddess.

And all of that makes even more sense given the fact that the original Level E manga came out in the mid-90’s. Most recent shows skew more towards the harem end of things, but back then otaku were perfectly happy to just have one subservient chick humping the audience cipher’s leg. Blame Tenchi Muyo or something.

So yeah, looks like we got some sort of sci-fi Yojimbo/A Fistful of Dollars/Last Man Standing situation brewing. Except replace Japanese Backwater Village/Generic Western Town/Nonexistent Texas Border Town with the whole of Earth. We have to alien races, who are naturally at odds with one another, in a tentative ceasefire with one another. They won’t fuck with humans for some reason (Prophesy of the chosen one coming from Earth? Need for oil/gold/other valuable resource? People are super tasty?), but each side seems like they’re itching for a reason to throw down and blow up shit.

And here comes the proverbial Man With No Name. Except he’s a pretty boy bastard with amnesia and lots of entitlement issues on the run from his royal duties. Not exactly the “playing each side against each other” type, but he’s liable to fuck things up regardless. You know, what with his nonchalant (possible) murder of one of the Discothequeians or whatever they’re called. One side goes batshit insane, the other’s likely gonna want to take advantage of their slip-up and get in on the blowing up shit. Same results, different method.

Y’all should also know by now that I’m totally digging the amoral nature of the alien dude. I love how he’s so flippant about his actions, intentionally leaving out important deals like “I killed the mugger dude” while playing up the fact that he helped out some defenseless girl on the street (And seriously, why in the hell do people go down back alleys like that? It’s like you’re going out of your way to get robbed or raped or murdered. Not that I can’t believe someone having that sort of fetish, but damn, said fetish is epidemic in anime. Not unlike vague wasting diseases and the lack of a Y chromosome in males.). I can’t help but think that his “amnesia” bit is just an act that he puts on to get away with his deviant, chaos-spreading antics. So maybe he is deliberately trying to cause shit on Earth like some sort of yaoi doujin version of Toshiro Mifune.

Also, EVIL CAT. I knew something was up with that cat. Didn’t peg him for a mobile surveillance camera, but that’s cool too. Kinda disappointed he isn’t the ugly slime slug in disguise, who can also talk and takes offense at everyone calling him ugly, but whatever. EVIL CAT. Between this and Yumekui, this season is trying to one-up last season’s Age of Tentacool.

Also Also, the neighbor chick is awesome. Not as awesome as podgirl from Occult Academy, but I dig this chick for her unexpected mad skills. Knowledge of security tech is uberhawt.

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