Feb 072011

Back in middle school, I had a dream where my school was infiltrated by a green-skinned alien woman with big pterodactyl wings on her back. She held my school hostage for some vague dream-like reason. In typical me-like fashion, my dreamself managed to escape from being held hostage all John McClane like in an attempt to get outside help. I don’t remember the details of said escape, save for the fact that it involved me jumping off the roof (Not unlike McClane jumping off the roof of the Nakatomi building.). What I do remember, in vivid detail, is that green-skinned alien woman. Guess you can call it my first fetishized dream or something like that.

Green-skinned alien women are hawt.

So yeah, the latest episode of Level E spoke to me on some middle school era primal level. This little kids are living the dream. Sure, it’s kinda annoying that they’ve been kidnapped by some asshole Space Prince and forced into one of his asshole pranks, but they should be eating this shit up. Maybe not to the extent that the asshole class rep nerd is (He deserves every single punch he gets in this episode.), but these kids need to appreciate the fact that they’re getting to hang out with a green-skinned space alien assassin/teacher chick. That’s, like, the best thing ever on so many levels. Not only does she have green skin and is an alien, but she’s a teacher and an assassin. Being a teacher, even in Japan, means she gets all sorts of time off from work, so there’s no worries about having to make time for vacations and shit like that. And she’s an assassin. There’s nothing sexier than someone who kills for money, except an alien teacher assassin.

So kids, don’t spoil this chance to live my dream. I’m fucking jealous of you brats.

And something else I’m loving about Level E. I really dig how the series is willing to be ugly.

More than almost anything else, what irks me about modern anime is its aversion to anything that isn’t clean and pretty. Even the nerds in anime have to be attractive to a certain extent. But Level E doesn’t play by those rules. The class rep nerd is a nerd. He isn’t some implausibly prettyish type like that fuckwit from The World God Can’t Know or whatever that show’s called, he’s a gangly little thing.  And the fat kid has that “hit puberty earlier than everyone else” baby mustache going for him. And the entirety of episode 4, with its cannibalism = love storyline, is the epitome of the sort of ugliness you don’t see outside of throwback series like this or Cobra or Golgo 13. Even grim, violent series like Madoka do their best to avoid the sort of grime and murk from the sort of stuff that has its roots in the 80′s and 90′s, and it’s a shame that we have to look to these “revival” shows to get that vibe. Not that every anime has to strive for that sort of thing, but most series nowadays are so sterilized that many of them have a hospital-like quality to them– all bright and smelling of alcohol.

Anime needs to be dirtier, and with any luck shit like Level E will inspire peeps to go for that a bit more often.

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