Feb 082011

So I’m finally watching anime again. I’ll have to start catching up, and I’ve started with Dimension W. Which, alas, is a rather vexing show.

So we begin the show with some radio newscaster woman or something noting the price hike in gasoline because the electric car is gonna be condemned. Because it’s become obsolete? A 4th dimension was found some years back, as in, the X, Y and Z axis type of dimension. And somehow, humanity is able to tap into unlimited energy via this dimension.

Cue the OP and that’s when I had a bad feeling about this show. The OP is GORGEOUSLY animated. And this filled me with dread. Because it looked like a pretty damn expensive OP.

My fears came true as the first action scene of the episode is reduced to a bunch of stills. But I decided to persevere and lo and behold, the second action scene’s outright skipped. And we got stylized shadows here and there too.

And it’s not like they don’t have good details and animation. There’s an explosion toward the end of the episode and it’s one of those beautiful explosions where you can see each individual brick coming off from the shock of the blast. The explosion seemed kinda flat though and then it suddenly cuts off.

Basically, it felt like the show was being made by 2 or 3 teams with the interns being in charged of the humanoid to humanoid action sequences. Though more likely they probably just ran out of time and money because they blew it all on the OP, ED and 5 to 10 seconds of an explosion.

A better distribution of time, manpower, funds… whatever, and this coulda been Darker Than Black level. I’m not some animator or whatever, I’m just a viewer who doesn’t even care about animation quality all that much, but even I can see/feel there’s something “off” about Dimension W, hence the over-analyzing. And as a result, it was just plain vexing.

And when something’s vexing, it makes me start nitpicking. Like, why the fuck would gasoline prices go astronomically up if the world had unlimited energy? They make it seem like gasoline is now expensive because it’s become a luxury item, like diamonds or emeralds. But that assumes that oil has no other use other than as gas for cars and other assorted vehicles. It assumes that oil isn’t used in the manufacture of plastics or as goddamn lubrication for said cars and other assorted vehicles.

Aaaaand another thing, yeah, this show’s all about creepy fanservice. I mean, fanservice is great but this is the type of fanservice where it feels like it’s “leering” and expects us to leer along. I reckon’ if this was a show shown at certain late night slots or whatever, we’d be getting cameltoe.

Finally, the main girl looks like a Pokemon. I don’t know which, ’cause I’m not a Pokemon gamer, but she totally looks like that one Pokemon.

I’ll give Dimension W another chance or two, maybe. If it becomes less vexing, I would imagine I’d nitpick less. It’s not instantly super special awesome sauce but it has potential to be really cool.

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