Mar 032011

So now we know what’s up with Madoka. We know that the whole magical girl/witch game is just some elaborate energy harvesting. Yeah, sure it makes sense and all in the context of this shit, but there’s two problems with this:

  • It rationalizes a situation that was far more interesting because it was irrational.
  • It’s just plain fucking stupid.

Kyubey is no longer a scary, imposing figure because of this. We now understand that he’s on Earth to help stem the tide if dissipating energy in the universe. Magical girls play off of the emotions of young girls, have those emotions boil to the point where they become witches, and then when another magical girl kills one of these “matured” witches, massive amounts of energy are released into the universe. The catch is that Kyubey claims that this is creating a net gain of energy, and therefore halting the universe’s inevitable deconstruction over billions of years.

This makes Kyubey some sort of force for the greater good, but it also makes him sympathetic. He’s an alien, not unlike the sort of shit we see in the likes of Star Trek and other “hard” sci-fi series– the sort that is looking out for what’s right in the universe but comes at it from a coldly logical perspective. He’s willing to make sacrifices to ensure a better future for the universe as a whole and doesn’t mind if that means a few innocent souls get fucked over in the process.

This is a perspective that we can understand. We might not agree with this notion, but we get where that mindset is coming from. But in understanding Kyubey’s side of the story, we’ve lost that hopelessness and meaninglessness that had been prevalent up to this point in the series. I don’t mind that Kyubey is working for a greater good, but he’s working for a greater good that can be boiled down to a few sentences. That robs his character of the mystery and foreboding that made him so fascinating. Now he’s just yet another Vulcan wannabe that’s clashing with Madoka’s Kirk– the classic “logic vs passion” debate that we’ve seen since forever.

And really, do we need yet another Q vs Picard situation? Do we need that in anime? We already get plenty of this in anime as is it, with characters droning on and on about the virtues of passion and emotion and gut feelings and all that noise. Do we really need this series, which seemed to be doing a few things differently (or at least differently enough to be pretty interesting) up to this point, to go down the same “you don’t understand what it’s like to FEEL” route? Are we gonna have Kyubey finally realize the error of his ways? Will his heart grow three sizes as Cindy Lou Madoka cures his cold-hearted ways?

I’m hoping this series is better than that, but by the mere insertion of such possibilities I’m not so sure of that anymore.

So yeah, Kyubey has become Q-Bay, and he’s just working his alien schemes on Captain Jean Luc Madoka and her Number One Lt. Homura.

That’s… pretty damn stupid, dudes.

Also: All that said, the fight between Sayaka and Kyoko was FUCKING AWESOME. Not as awesome as Kyubey eating himself, but it rocked. Shame it had to come after all these lousy “revelations” that pose as development and depth when it’s really just a rehash of every other script of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But I’ll still watch the damn series. Maybe they’ll pull off some twist. Maybe Kyubey’s was laying some bullshit on Madoka and trying to trick her into thinking she would be working for the greater good.

I don’t know. Whatever. At least we’ll still have headless Mami to remind us of the good times.

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