Apr 152011

Cash money’s the mark of the beast? If that’s the case, all I have to say is “HAIL SATAN!”

So yeah, C’s all about Revelations. Should be pretty obvious. 666. Mark of the Beast. Plenty of conspiracy types have suggested that the current way banking plays out, with credit cards and the like, are the proverbial “mark” that everyone is required to have in order to function in the Antichrist’s society. That’s just one of the nutjob theories that’s been floating about for ages, but it seems to fit what we know about C after the first episode.

Because, yeah, what is your soul if it isn’t your “potential.” In C, in order to rake in the dough, you gotta wager your future potential. Win and you get to keep your future and make some cash. Lose and your future is fucked– and some other jackass claims it in the form of Yu Gi Oh-styled health points. If you wanna ignore any sort of spiritual angles, your future is the best representation of your soul. No one can fuck with your past. It’s already happened. The only intangible, identity-defining aspect of a person that can be changed and controlled is “what in the hell is gonna happen to me in the future.”

So we have a world where people can give up control of that one aspect of themselves that A) has yet to be defined and B) can be shaped by others to suit their own desires, and they put it on the line in a high stakes game that might make their life better, but otherwise will likely result in them becoming fully subservient to whatever powers that be who control these money games.

This is the Yu Gi Oh Apocalypse we’re witnessing here. Jesus believes in the heart of the cards.

Yeah, this is some awesome shit going down in C. I loved how the initial battle played out like something out of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It had the same sort of stylized theatricality to it, all posing for the audience so we can soak in those laser sword blows and monster attacks. And we get a video game vibe tossed into the mix, what with the disembodied voices calling out moves and the pixelated weapons and attacks. Awesome stuff.

And is it just me, or does the main girl that’s mothering the main dude look a lot like that one girl from FLCL? The one that was in his class, that is. Because of that I have all sorts of things running through my head about how this is the future of the FLCL characters. Yeah, you may learn how to swing that proverbial bat, but that means jack shit when you need moolah to get extra at-bats once you become an adult. Something like that.

Another bit that’s cool about the first episode is the fact that we’ve yet to get any sort of “money is evil” nonsense. Sure, money’s at the root of all this crazy shit, but so far it’s just a matter of fact. You do need money to make anything of yourself in the real world. That’s just how things work and hopefully no one tries to contest that. It all comes down to what you do with that cash and what you’re willing and not willing to do to get what you want and need. That’s far more interesting than the “OMGMONEYBAD” nonsense I was worried this would turn into. Not that it can’t go down that route in the future if it decides to get lame like that, but so far it’s nice to see an anime avoiding the usual delusional idealism. The last thing we need are more crazed anime kiddies running around trying to keep everyone from punching shit, spending money, and fucking other human beings.

And with that said, I like the main dude’s attitude. He’s all “yeah, whatever, let me get back to what I’m trying to do” when Johnny Depp breaks into his apartment and tries to con him into joining this little game. The dude just wants to do his thing so he doesn’t end up being a deadbeat loser working dead end jobs to make it when he’s all grown up. No overreaction, no freaking out, no wussing out. The dude just rolls with it. “Fuck, man, let me study. I just wanna get me my job with awesome benefits and get some coffee with that cute girl from class.” He might be a little bland, but he’s bland in a “yeah, I can buy that” sort of way. He ain’t bland in the usual anime lead sense, and that’s cool.

So yeah, when does Bank of America start selling debit cards like the ones these dudes use? I want me one of them. I’d totally go for one that looks like the (assumed) main antagonist’s, what with all the tentacles.

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