Apr 222011

Kyubey’s an Ancient Alien. I dig that. I dig that a lot.

Yeah, I gotta give Madoka credit with that bit. I really like the whole “magical pets are the ancient aliens that helped create civilization” deal. It fits into all of the crazy conspiracy theories that I get a kick out of. It ain’t Grays or Lizardmen or whatever it is that you hear about on Coast to Coast. Nope. It’s furry little magical pets that grant wishes.

And I really dig how its these magical girls and their wishes that essentially shape civilization. The Kyubeyians may give the girls their abilities, but it’s these girls’ actions that shape the course of history. Without their making contracts with these aliens, humanity’d never leave their caves, as Kyubey puts it.

And that puts shit into perspective. Human civilization is built upon the suffering of others. There’s no way of getting around that, and the whole magical girl thing as presented in Madoka works as a cute little metaphor for that. Anyone that wants to affect change in the world is gonna have to go through some nasty shit.

So yeah, all of that makes the ending of Madoka all the more frustrating.

I don’t even need to address the cop-out nature of Madoka wishing everything to be OK. I’m down with the whole “Madoka sacrifices herself and becomes some sort of new god” thing. It’s kinda silly, but whatever. I’m cool with that. What irks me is that the episode kept going from that point.

We see how the world has been reshaped. Magical girls still exist because the Kyubeyians still need to do their “let’s avoid heat death billions of years from now” shtick. They still make pacts with human chicks so that said girls fight monsters. I’m sure the girls still have to go through some nasty shit, since the monster hunting business just comes with those sorts of hazards, but all of this took place just so that these girls wouldn’t have to deal with becoming witches. Instead of their seeds growing with negative energy, the magical girls just kill monsters and harvest their bad mojo.

Really? That’s what all of this came down to? Madoka became god so that she could come up with an alternative fuel for the Kyubeyians? That’s kinda like watching an action movie, only to have the climax be some dude giving a speech about the evils of oil consumption. Except with little girls crying.

What Madoka did was basically show us what a magical girl show would look like if Steven Seagal circa On Deadly Ground wrote it.

Is the world ready for that?

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