Apr 242011

Why in the hell would you still go around robbing shit when there’s a gaggle of super heroes on call who’ll humiliate you on national TV for the amusement of drunk assholes and unappreciative housewives? Doesn’t really make that much sense on the surface, does it? I’m sure that’s everyone’s initial impression when it comes to Tiger and Bunny, and I get how peeps’d feel that way.

But y’all know me. Y’all know I’m gonna don my conspiracy theorist hat. So let’s get to it and expose what I think is Tiger and Bunny’s inner conspiracy.

We’ve seen Mr. Barnaby Jones (Not his actual full name, but in keeping with the Frisky Dingo connection I’ve rechristened him as such.) brooding over some Ouroboros-related things. What better symbol for a villainous SPECTRE-like conspiracy than the World Serpent from mythology? If I was running my own global conspiracy bent on taking over the world and I”m having a meeting with my marketing dudes to determine our conspiracy’s branding, I’m sure I’d give consideration to the serpent that’s eating itself–, a symbol that represents balance in the world. After all, most Illuminati-like schemes are all about bringing about order in the world. It just so happens that said conspirators happen to get a whole lot of cool shit in the process of bringing about said order. Sure, you step over the rights of a few innocent peons, but you gotta break a few wills to make a world omelet.

So I’m willing to bet on Ouroboros being the overarching villain of the anime. They’re this world’s COBRA or Legion or Doom or whatever. At the moment they’re likely underground– the sort of group that few know about and fewer live to investigate after discovering. Barnaby’s parents were likely assassinated by this group for reasons to be explained later, and he’s become a hero so he can go Bruce Wayne on their asses.

And my partner-in-crime Updatedude had a nice little theory of his own about Barnaby. Barnaby’s bucking the trend of heroes having secret identities. He’s going full Tony Stark by having his identity be out in the open. Updatedude’s theory, which I gotta agree with, is that Barnaby’s doing this as a way to flush out Ouroboros. He’s making it public that the son of one of their former targets is in the hero business, and he wants them to know that he knows something’s up. When he gets pissed at Tiger for trying to rush into fights and ignore the whole public image thing, he isn’t doing so because he’s trying to be some celebrity, he’s doing so because he wants his face out there so that his enemies see him. All the better to force them into some mistake that allows him to expose them and take them down, I bet.

And Ouroboros may be in charge of all of the criminals that are running amok despite super heroes infesting the world. It could be this organization’s way of saying “Yeah, you might have these heroes to save the day, but we’re still in power here and there’s nothing much you can do about it.” And maybe this conspiracy’s behind the TV show as well, using it to help neuter the heroes and make them less effective by having them obey arbitrary rules. Or the show could just be the natural byproduct of corporate sponsorship. Either way works for the scope of the series.

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