Jun 052011

On that myanimelist thing (Like how I snuck that link in there?), I’m not one of those dorks that waits until a series is over before scoring it. Nope. I keep a running tab of what my current view is on a series, and I adjust it accordingly with each episode. With C, said score has dropped from my initial “Holy shit this looks to be awesome!” 9 to it’s current “Really? All of this comes down to naive idealism vs I wanna fuck my sister?” 4. I’m all for making rash judgments, and I’m all for changing said rash judgments when they need to be changed. If a show takes a sudden turn one way or another, I got no beef with changing things up. Reserving judgment is for losers.

That said, my Tiger and Bunny score just shot up to a 10 with this week’s episode. Jumped from a 9, which isn’t that big of a jump, but right now it’s pretty damn perfect.

Yep. Ouroboros has made its move. Exactly like I was expecting it to do at some point. You don’t set up some sinister supervillain conspiracy only to have it sit back and never try to take over the world. While this first move isn’t so grandiose, it is a pretty damn awesome splash into the public’s perspective. The whole damn town has been taken hostage so that one of their comrades will be set free.

It just so happens that said comrade happens to be the dude that probably murdered Barnaby’s parents. And not-so-coincidentally he’s being freed as soon as Barnaby was making his move to visit said murderer.

And seriously dudes, do you really think this is just bad plotting? This ain’t coincidence. There’s some bad shit going down behind the scenes. Someone knows that Barnaby was on the move. Ouroboros knew that Barnaby was gonna have his little confrontation today (Or at least knew that it was gonna be happening soon.), and they needed to get him busted out before that could happen.

I have two suspects in mind.

First, the old dude that’s in charge of the hero program. He’s the one that insisted that Tiger be kept on after his company was bought out. He’s also the one that insisted that they continue broadcasting the hero’s confrontation with the mecha-driving Gloomy Bears (More on that awesomeness in a bit.).

He wanted Tiger to stay on to act as something of a counterweight to Barnaby. Barnaby is too much of a natural badass that he’d likely get in the way of things and screw up Ouroboros’ plans quicker if he wasn’t saddled down with Tiger. At least that’s what they’re probably thinking. They likely weren’t counting on the two of them to become buddies as quickly as they have, learning to trust one another and all that shit. But that’s what I’m thinking their rationale was, assuming this conspiracy theory pans out.

My second guess? Sky High.

He’s the lone hero we’ve learned nothing about by this point. We already know that Wild Bull is an old buddy of Tiger’s and that they go out drinking on occasion. Tiger’s also friends with Fire Emblem, even friendly enough that Tiger’s relatively comfortable with Emblem mock flirting with him. And we’ve gotten background info on Kid Dragon, Blue Rose, and Origami Cyclone in the form of “origin” stories.

But we know jack shit about Sky High outside of his cheery personality, cheesy catchphrases, and shiny smile. Narratively-speaking, given the fact that shit just went down in this episode, we should have learned something about him by this point since we’ve gotten to know every other hero by this point. I seriously think they’ve left out Sky High because he’s in on the Ouroboros conspiracy.

Or, y’know, I could be dead wrong. But I’ve been right on a hell of a lot of things thus far when it comes to Tiger and Bunny.

So yeah, no way in hell they’re busting out this dude at this point in time purely by coincidence. If you think otherwise, then Ouroboros has already won. Way to go, dude, letting the villains win. You’ve really let down the world. Some hero you are.

As for the Ouroboros peeps, the first thing I noticed about the one’s we’ve been introduced to is the fact that they prescribe to the rule that villains tend to have powers that are far more “creative” than the heroes.

Look at the Clockwork Orangeish chick from this episode. Based on the whole Mad Bear thing, where she’s controlling plush animals and in turn having said plushies pilot mecha to terrorize the town, she seems to have a very specific power. She most likely has some ability to control anything that she sews/creates herself, since we see her tooling around with some thread during the scene that introduces her in full. Creating constructs and manipulating them isn’t an unusual ability (Green Lantern, anyone?, but the fact that said constructs probably A) have to be made out of a specific material, in this case cloth, and B) are in the form of mascot characters, it makes them far more distinctive than the sort of powers that heroes tend to have.

With heroes you usually get some variation of the standard list of superpowers: controlling an element (Fire, Ice, etc.), super strength, super speed, shapeshifting, etc. They’re basic and are usually what people would call “iconic.” Even with the craziness of mutant powers you see in X-Men, all of the big names have very “normal” powers. Cyclops shoots lasers, Iceman has ice, Wolverine can heal and has claws, Xavier is a telepath, and so on. This is probably because these characters are gonna appear issue after issue, and if they have a very niche power it’s gonna get old pretty quick.

But you don’t have that limitation with villains. Even the most persistent of villain isn’t gonna show up in every issue or episode, but at the same time you wanna have that villain be as distinctive as possible. So villains tend to have stranger and more unique powers than their heroic counterparts. Just like this chick in Tiger and Bunny. She doesn’t just control things that she’s created, they go so far as to have her signature thing be a mascot character known for being kinda unpopular (Or at least considered ugly by certain kids, although I think the thing’s pretty damn cute. I totally want a Mad Bear.). You’re not gonna have a superhero have such a narrowly-defined power, but a villain? Yeah, you’re gonna go that far out there to make this chick distinctive.

So those teddy bear piloted mecha are fucking awesome, and if you rolled your eyes at them you probably suck.

One final note: Tiger’s daughter? I hope she ends up inheriting her dad’s NEXT genetics. I also hope she grows so resentful of her father’s absence that once she learns that she’s a NEXT she ends up going villain and wrecking havoc on the town looking to vent her frustrations and receive the attention she never got from Tiger. That would rock.

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