Jun 162011

So I was at A-Kon the past weekend. It’s my yearly big con trip. Tenth year to go do the damn thing. So what went down?

No, the above picture isn’t part of what went down. Unless if you wanna compare the insanity of spending three days in a sleep-deprived haze reveling in anime to a cat burning down shit. Then yeah, it’s a perfect representation of my con-going experience.

Standing in line to get our badges, my friends and I notice those Dollfie things. One friend of mine and I know about that shit, but the other dude standing there with us is pretty new to the anime scene (We kinda forced it on him.). So we gave him our biased view on the things and point to one chick’s vampire Dollfie. Dude looks at it and says “That thing is damn creepy!” (Or some variation thereof.) Apparently said chick left the line after hearing him say that. I didn’t’ see it happen, but my friend claimed he saw her leave right after he said that. So if you’re said Dollfie fan and we somehow offended you with our prattling, we’re sorry. Kinda. Dollfies are damn creepy, but we don’t mean anything by that harsh, cruel  judgement. I swear!

While on the “we offended anime fans” topic, once we met up with two other friends of mine we hit the video rooms. We ended up catching a couple of episodes of Kore wa Zombie. It was as atrocious as I remember, so we ended up mocking it as we watched it. Mostly we bitched about how horrible it is to see a series about a zombie, a magical girl, a necromancer, and a ninja devolve into “let’s sit around and wistfully talk about our feelings and do laundry.” So, again, if you were one of the people who turned around and glared at us while we were making snide comments, we’re sorry. Kinda. We weren’t trying to ruin your experiences. We just wanted to make our experience more bearable. I swear!

Much of our lunch/dinner/food times revolved around griping about said trends in anime. It boiled down to “Anime isn’t about having fun anymore, it’s about pretending to be deep while eating cake.” The usual gripes from us old timers.

Contrast that with some of the older stuff we watched at the con. We watched a few episodes of Dirty Pair and the Macross movie. Hell, the Macross movie has much of the same drama and emotional content as a lot of the modern stuff, but it knows how to temper it with action and humor. That final scene where Minmay belts out that cheesy pop tune about remembering blahblahblah is no different from the sort of lame speeches we get in modern anime, but it’s juxtaposed with scenes of ridiculous, large-scale violence. We were laughing at those scenes as well, but we were laughing with the movie, not at it like we were Kore wa Zombie. That acts as a nice symbol for the difference between modern trends and old school trends.

As usual, the coolest thing about A-Kon was Anime Hell. The showed the above clip. I so need to track down this movie and see it in full. Animal on Animal Violence is a beautiful thing.

My friends tried to peer pressure me into buying one of those fuzzy animal hats that people like to sell in artist’s alley. I’d totally get one if I found one that was absolutely perfect for me, but I never saw one that touched my dark, vile soul in the most pure and gentle of ways. Like a cool looking penguin or cat hat. All the ones I saw looked kinda crappy. What’s the deal, dudes?

Got laughed at by one of said artist’s alley dudes at the beginning of the con for wearing something that wasn’t cosplay or a raggedy fanboy t-shirt. It was all in jest, but seriously… can’t a guy wear a button down dress shirt to an anime con? Is there some law against that? Fuck you, artist’s alley dude. I do hope I offended you by wearing halfway decent clothing and not blending in.

I tried to get my friends to go to the Neko Neko Maid Cafe. I seriously wanted to go since I figured it’d be awesome blogging material (Also to satiate my oh-so-secret desire to ogle cat maids. But don’t tell anyone.). None of them would bite, mainly because it cost $15 bucks to get in. And that was with the $5 we got when the maids were handing out coupons. I shoulda said I’d pony up the cash for all five of us to go, but I had delusions of actually buying shit in the dealer room.

I did have to peel away one of my friends from peeking into the room where the maids were setting up. He claimed he was being in character since he insisted he was cosplaying Junk Boy. He says that every year when he tries to glare at girls nearly half his age.

So yeah, no Maid Cafe Horror Stories. In exchange, here’s a picture of a Pikachu plushie dressed up as a maid that I took at the con. It’s the only pic I took at the con that I’m gonna share, since most of my other ones didn’t turn out all that great.

Cosplay Note: Saw a good number of Celty cosplayers. Not a single one had an accompanying Shinra cosplayer. That should tell you something.

The dealer room sucked this year. I was able to snag Revoltechs of Lupin and Jigen, but there wasn’t much else there that I absolutely had to have. Almost bit on the Layton Revoltech and the Figma of Horori from SoreMachi, but there were a bit more pricey that I was willing to spend for pieces of possible plastic. Also snagged me a Miskatonic University Student Parking sticker for my car. That’s probably the awesomest thing I’ve ever bought at a con.

Another Cosplay Note: I saw more Stockings than I did Panties. WHAT THE FUCK, COSPLAYERS?! Panty is awesome. Rectify this.

Only went to one panel this year: The Funimation “Sneak Preview” panel. They showed clips of stuff that’s coming out on DVD (Or has recently come out on DVD). Which is to say it was fucking boring since it wasn’t the panel where they announce new stuff or anything like that. It just reaffirmed my tendency to avoid con panels.

For the most part it was an uneventful A-Kon for me. It served its purpose– to act as something of a decompression for all the bullshit I’ve had to deal with at the beginning of the year (Traveling out of town, dealing with family junk, etc.)– and for that it was awesome. But it was lacking that “something” that the truly awesome cons deliver.

Whatever the hell that is. That’s why there’s quotes around something.

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