Jun 252011

Let’s Anime!

Filthy American scum! First you bomb our cities, now you invade our blogs!

Voltron (2011 edition, eps 1 to 3)
Let’s put it this way, Sunred was better animated than this. But just as with Sunred, it’s better than it looks (mind you, yo mama! looks better than the new Voltron series).

Art and animation are horrendous. Voltron and the Lions themselves are nicely designed, and the original Voltron cast are semi-decent. But the new kid characters look awful. Which is sort of interesting, because it almost seems intentional… almost. It’s probably just plain crappy. But the fact that the kids are EXTRA shitty looking does give the impression of it being a take that to the producer/marketing guy who insisted on adding these kids on.

Speaking of the producer/marketing guy (whom we shall now refer to as Josh, for brevity’s sake), it’s as if Josh was stuck onto the writing team and they were forced to listen and integrate all his ill conceived and laughably stereotypically awful ideas into the show. The actual writing team seem to have a genuine love for Voltron though, and did the best they could to integrate these sucktastic Joshisms without it bringing down the overall quality too much. As a result of that, the new kids aren’t as annoying as they could have been (except for the chick, but at least she literally can’t drive), whilst the original cast are expanded upon and made less cookie cutter than they originally were.

Voice acting’s solid all around, Gary Chalk’s work was notable as that of General Wade. Wade is an immensely grating character who has loads and loads of dialogue, but Chalk managed to make the guy just barely bearable. Which actually sums up this show so far.

It’s a barely watchable show but it is watchable. If you’re a Voltron buff and you have nothing better to do than waiting for the next episode of Tiger & Bunny, then you should catch up on Re: Cutey Honey the Live, and then the Ultraman Zero movies. But if you’ve already done that and you’re still waiting for Tiger & Bunny, then yeah, go catch the new Voltron.

G.I. Joe: Renegades (episode 22: Cutting Edge)
Destro hires Jinx to assassinate Cobra Commander. Stuff happens, Jinx fails and Storm Shadow realizes and later admits to have accidentally murdered Hard Master. He, Jinx and Snake Eyes team up against some metal mooks, after which, he exiles himself. Leaving Jinx as the true and only leader of the Arashikage Ninja and apparently resolved his feud with Snake Eyes. Oh by the way, those were spoilers.

Not much to say about this ep really, except that it was good and you can probably watch it as a standalone. It’s a mostly Cobra-centric ep, which is cool because it means the bad guys get to shine without the good guys arbitrarily getting in the way. I kinda wished Major Bludd and Firefly would have made cameos though.

Particularly notable because the ninjas just talk everything out in a civilized manner and the Snake “Jesus” Eyes and Storm “Asian Cain” Shadow feud is resolved without the whole thing being dragged out for no reason other than that they have to be eternal rivals. Now they can just kill each other for fun, rather than having some DEEP meaningful backstory shoved into it.

Transformers: Prime (episode 16, Operation: Breakdown)
A good action ep where Lex Luthor kidnaps the Decepticon Breakdown. Stuff happens, but it all culminates into Bulkhead charging in to rescue Breakdown whilst murdering random guards. And then once he and Breakdown escape from the facility holding Breakdown, the two of them murder scores of humans in cold blood. Hell, considering the almost endless number of humans who kept showing up, they mighta racked up triple digits between them.

Miko is still fucking annoying. Like, FUCKING annoying. You know crap? You know shit? If crap and shit fucked and had a kid named Scrappy, Scrappy would the equivalent of what Mai Otome was to Mai Hime, and Miko would be the equivalent of the Mai Otome OVAs to Mai Otome (the series). In fact, Miko is like the cake in K-On!! She’s what ruined K-On!! from the fairly respectable if somewhat greatly overrated K-On.

But you should go watch Operation: Breakdown anyway. Luckily, Miko has relatively minimal involvement in this ep.

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