Jul 022011

The two best series from the past season were all about how demons and damnation are awesome and how God is a prick.

I’m going to hell.

Let’s talk about the “lesser” of these two series in this post: Enma-kun.

I haven’t blogged about the series since barely mentioning it in my initial season post. I wasn’t expecting much from it at first. I’m not much on Brain’s Base (Baccano being the only series of theirs I’ve cared for.), and Go Nagai shit isn’t my go-to genre or whatever, so I figured it’d be silly, fluffy fun at most. As far as I thought, it’d just be Nichijou with more dick jokes.

Well, it certainly wasn’t Nichijou, but that’s because it didn’t suck like Nichijou. Instead of being innocuous and pointless, Enma-kun ended up being an awesome comedy. It reveled in its absurd, blasphemous, raunchy style. It had some of the best background music and insert songs I’ve heard in an anime since Ranma 1/2. But what makes it “better than a mere comedy,” if we gotta go down the “let’s intellectually justify our tastes” road, is the way it plays off of nostalgia.

The way Enma-kun works is much like how Giant Robo works. It takes the basics of the original material and tosses us into the mix, overwhelming us with the best bits of the series that everyone remembers. Where Giant Robo is all about the grandstanding and badass action scenes and all that shit, Enma’s all about the raunch. It takes the perversion inherent to so much of Go Nagai’s stuff to religious levels, and all of that apexes with the final episode.

The conclusion of Enma isn’t a big battle between the forces of good and evil. Yeah, we get a Dragonball-styled tournament leading up to this point (Which is preceded by a brilliant Wacky Racers rift.), but the climax of the entire series is literally a climax. The power of Enma’s circlet is tapped into, and the whole world is induced into an apocalyptic orgy. People all across the world, regardless of age, sex, species, or state of matter, all get it on in with one another– and all of this is working up to an orgasm that’ll make Ragnarok look like two kids smashing their G I Joes against one another.

This grotesque sex scene goes into 2001 proportions, becoming little more than impressionistic motions and blurs on the screen. And while it’s a little disappointing that it all ends with Enma’s parents coming along and saving the day, the sheer balls to end everything with a murderous love scene pretty much epitomizes that side of Go Nagai shtick. It’s to his perverted side as that first fucking awesome episode of Mazinger was to his giant robots.

Even if the rest of the series is little more than goofy fun, that finale makes everything so much better in context.

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