Jul 302011

So, saw the new ThunderCats… I’m going to be heretical now and say that it’s like a Michael Bay flick.

First half of the 2 episode premiere didn’t have much going on, then the second part came along and suddenly it seemed as if Michael Bay was editing it. Characters appeared out of nowhere and time & geography was inconsequential.

Also, in keeping with the Michael Bay-ness, the main female, Cheetara, had a rather exceptional pair of cheetaras. I mean, we all saw the promo pics and there was that 9 minute preview, but daaayumn, her cleavage alone’s like, 8 inches? More Michael Bayness, WilyKit and WilyKat are sort of like the unimportant side characters in the Transformers movies that take up half the movie? Although to be fair, Kit and Kat are future main characters.

All that said, it was still pretty good. I’m comparing it to Bay in how it was edited (which to be fair, it’s limited by only having 2 half hour blocks, not 2 and a half hours like the TF movies), but it’s far superior in terms of having a coherent story.

Like I said, not much happens in the first half. But where “stuff” don’t happen, we’re treated to some pretty fantastic world building. In terms of architecture and culture, the Thunderans are quite a mish mash. With Chinese, Middle Eastern and Dragon Queston aesthetics. It’s all terribly pretty, yet nicely drab.

The best part, the BEST part are the people. It’s established that the Thunderans are a backwards people who don’t believe in technology, also, they’re immensely racist. When Lion-O suggested that they don’t torment and lynch a pair of lizards, he’s treated like some freak. Heck, they think he’s some crazy retard for believing in technology.

It’s done to the point that when Thundera falls (it’s not a spoiler because come on, like you seriously didn’t see it coming?), you’re actually HAPPY for it. When the Lizards/Mutants start cheering in victory, you get the feel that they’ve just overthrown a bunch of evil oppressors (because that’s exactly what happened).

Also, Tygra is so gonna go Loki on Lion-O.

So yeah, go watch it. At least the animation’s way better than the new Voltron.

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