Aug 012011

Let’s do some more new season assumptions.

Or, let’s just rant about Gosick, since this post went from “let’s do short little blurbs about all the other series I’ve seen this season” to “let’s talk about how much Gosick fucking sucks.” The other series will get their spotlight later.

Obligatory pun: “More like Goshit.”

Yeah, this was absolutely awful. It wants to be a mystery, but the case that the little brat has to solve was painfully obvious. Because, you know, how else is someone gonna die from a gunshot in a closed room when SOMEONE USED A GUN TO OPEN THE LOCK. Seriously, dudes, was there supposed to be any hint of doubt here? What’s the meme the kiddies like to use? “head/desk” or something like that? Yeah. That.

But we could ignore that stupidity if the anime offered us something else of interest. I was thinking the world would be kinda neat, what with their use of a fictional country smack dab in post-WWI Europe and everything, but the setting seems to be of absolutely no consequence. Not only does there seem to be no hint of WWI ever happening, since everyone’s going about in some idyllic, peaceful society, but the only hint that we’re in 1924 is the presence of stuff like cars. Everyone dresses like they’re straight out of a Victorian era period drama (you know, not the 1920s), but the school uniforms look like your typical modern-day Japanese shit. Why have this take place in a very particular time period and area of the world when the only thing that makes this look different from something like Emma is a Model T in the background?

And why make a big deal about folklore and shit when the only reason why it seems relevant is for all of the white kids at the school to use a particular legend as some sort of racial slur against the Japanese lead dude? “OMG! He has dark hair and dark eyes! He must be that Dark Reaper from that legend! EWW ASIANS!” Whatever, man. There isn’t even a hint that this reaper thing is relevant to the overall storyline at this point, so it just comes off as a lame moment of so-called “character development.”

And Victorique? Or Victoria? For starters, I have no idea what her name is supposed to be. The subs say Victorique, but the characters keep saying Victoria. Anyway, she’s a fucking brat. She acts all pompous and aloof, and in order to solve the OHSOHARD case she “unlocks the chaos and puts the pieces together” or something inane like that. Basically, all of the people in this world are so stupid that “common sense” is some sort of super power that has to have its own special effects sequence. But then she throws away all of that “intelligence” once she leaves her little ivory tower and does a bunch of inane tsundere shit that’s supposed to endear us to her. All it made me feel was the urge to punt her through the uprights.

Oh yeah, and the main dude is a completely spineless dweeb. Typical lead male nonsense. Fuck him. That’s all I have to say about him.

Yep. Gosick. I hate you. Please die.

(Aside: It’s funny, because I was kinda looking forward to this one. Sounded like it’d be kinda decent, but damn…)

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