Aug 082011

Know what time it is? It’s crazy conspiracy theories time!

Oh by the way…

Mr. Maverick is evil.

What a tweest!

So now that the flippin’ obvious has finally been confirm, what next? I mean, we’ve only got like, 6 episodes left and the biggest revelation is a blink and you’ll miss it factoid that Maverick is not the head of Ouroboros. Assuming T&B doesn’t go for a rush job ending to tie everythingup, here are the 3 scenarios I see happening.

1) Bunny finally confronts Maverick in the finale. However, there’s no way to bring Maverick to justice. Not only is he a super powerful media tycoon who’s actually on the city council and is able to push the mayor around, there’s no hard evidence as to his involvement with the murder of Barnaby’s parents. Bunny’s only option is to kill Maverick, Tiger is able to talk Bunny down and then BAM! Lunatic caught wind of Maverick’s crimes and kills Maverick. Bringing justice whilst keeping Bunny’s hands clean.

2) The second scenario is more or less the same as above, but it turns out that Looney had his memories played with by Maverick as well. How Maverick manipulated Yuri, who knows? But this gives Looney extra incentive to kill Maverick after Tiger talks down Bunny. Under this scenario, Lunatic and Tiger’s semi-rivalry can come into play, where Tiger also tries to talk down Lunatic from killing Maverick. But Looney doesn’t buy it, and Maverick’s killed.

3) Third option is that Maverick monologues his list of crimes to the heroes once again, only this time, it was all caught LIVE ON HEROTV! (checkyourlocallistingsforbroadcasttimes). This is the most idealistic possible route, where Maverick will pay for his crimes and no one has to die.

In any case, Maverick will go down as the big bad of the series, but the threat of Ouroboros will be the hook for a sequel.

Why is Lunatic so prominent in the possible endings? Well, more than anyone, he’s the third main character of the series. While he’s got slightly less screen time than say, Blue Rose, he still occupies the spot with the most storyline importance potential.

The idea that Lunatic’s also had his memories wiped by Maverick? It could happen. Both of them occupy a position on the city corporate council. And Lunatic’s backstory is fucked up just enough that it could haven been messed with. At this point, this is pretty plausible. Considering that Maverick’s power is essentially the ability to commit retcon. I mean, his power is right up there with cloning and universal destruction/reconstruction as far as retcon devices go.

Still, Tiger & Bunny as a series has so far always leaned toward classic comic idealism. As such, Maverick might have Joker Immunity(although ironically, the Joker analogue of T&B, Jake Martinez, did NOT have said immunity… probably). So option 3), where his “confession” gets broadcasted live is probably the most likely ultimate outcome. Tiger will still have to talk down Bunny from killing Maverick though, but all’s well that ends well.

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