Aug 122011

As I begin to write this post, I’m watching the latest episode of Nyanpire while Coast to Coast AM blathers on in the background about subliminal messages.

So let’s turn Nyanpire into something conspiratorial.

Nyanpire is a truly treacherous series. While Azazel-san reveled in the occult and demonology, it was also blatantly and overtly evil. You knew that the protagonists were servants of Satan, and the series basked in its ugliness. Azazel was making no attempt to convert the innocent masses to the Black Mass. It was preaching to the damned choir.

Such isn’t the case when it comes to Nyanpire. While Nyanpire’s characters are just as demonic as Azazel’s, there’s a thick blanket of deception painted over the whole thing. Nyanpire is a blood-sucking monster. There’s no attempt to hide this fact, but the act of feasting upon the live-giving juices of living beings is softened. When Nyanpire sucks on the vitae of one of his victims, the euphoric, light-headed sensation that comes with such blood-letting is emphasizes. The Sameowrai cat shows no discomfort as Nyanpire leeches away– he only exhibits pleasure.

This anime wishes to make the act of being devoured by a vampire appear to be a pleasurable experience, and it is targeting this message at a pre-school audience. Much like how the Twilight novels have made vampirism appealing to the tween and lonely housewife set, Nyanpire is an attempt to condition the public into accepting the vampire lifestyle.

I’m afraid we’re seeing a massive movie monster conspiracy. Last season we were subjected to vile pro-Frankenstein propaganda in the form of Nichijou, and now we’re being exposed to pro-vampire propaganda in the form of Nyanpire. But at least Nichijou’s brand of brainwashing was targeting the otaku populace. I can speak from experience that such people are expendable– we can suffer losing the anime fan populace when it comes to the grand apocalyptic conflict coming in the near future. So while Nichijou was a terrible blight bent on polluting weak minds, it is an acceptable loss.

But Nyanpire is aggressively targeting the younger generations. With its hypercute style and gentle, Chi’s Sweet Home-styled humor, Nyanpire is attempting to sway children into accepting the undead as their masters. Our children are being led to believe that the nosferatu are kind, mischievous sorts who frolic with unstuck-in-time samurai cats and “he seems to be dangerous but he’s really just a sweet cat” fallen angels.

See! Not only is this series trying to brainwash us into accepting the undead, it also wants us to accept demons and time travelers! It’s one big slippery slope of occult acceptance inevitably turns one into a mindless voodoo zombie servant of Hell!

That’s what’s happening to you as you laugh at Nyanpire’s antics. While Sameowrai lusts after Nyanpire, Meowcifer and Chachamaru work their clandestine schemes in the background. Those sweet jokes are little more than a smokescreen, and you’re gleefully sucking away at their subliminal blood. You’re already lost. So don’t be surprised when the war starts and I’m the one driving a stake into your black heart.

Unless you’re one of those weirdos who scoffed at Nyanpire because it was made by Gonzo. Your irrational hatred of an anime studio may have saved your eternal soul. But you’re probably watching Bunny Drop…

I don’t think you could handle the truth behind Bunny Drop. You’d be better off lost to Nyanpire than know that truth.

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