Aug 252011

Burn down the old. Birth the new. Which is the same as the old. But different. And the same.

Yep. Updated my Top List yet again. Should be my last update for quite some time. Go check it out here.

Quick rundown of what changed:

Bebop and Kemonozume swapped places just because.

Haruhi dropped off the list completely. Yeah, even with me extending it to 50. The movie turned me off that much.

Added a few movies: Macross: Do You Remember Love, Redline, Punk Cat, and Mind Game.

Lupin jumped up quite a bit since I’ve seen the first TV series. Went from 20 to 9.

Highest-ranking new non-movie: Azazel-san.

Everything on this list is something I scored a 9 or a 10 on the old Myanimelist except for Macross and California Crisis. They’re the lone 8′s.

The ones I scored 10′s start at Cat Soup.

Debated about adding Kogepan since each episode is 2 minutes long. Then said fuck it.

The only thing I’ve ranked as a 10 that isn’t on this list is the Daicon animated opening scenes. Would feel kinda weird to put something that’s, like, 5 minutes long on this list. Kogepan and Legend of Koizumi were as short as I was willing to go.

If I were to extend it to 51 spots I think #51 would be Samurai Champloo.

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