Sep 102011

So Landon’s been re-exiled to Hellchigan. Which means it’s time for me to hijack Mecha Guignol and turn it into a hive of even scummier villainy than it already is with a trio of episode reviews.


HA! I totally made you think this was going to be a Kamen Rider review.

Anywho, Busou Shinki’s a 5 minute per episode series by Konami to commemorate 5 years of its Busou Shinki toy line. Which are these female ACTION FIGURES with modular limbs and weapon/armor attachments.

Somewhat surprisingly, the anime is following the “official storyline” where the Shinkis are tiny little robot girls, as opposed to full scale fanservice chicks with armor bits ala Strike Witches.

The story is your typical Children’s Card Game or Pokemon or Angelic Layer type plot. Creepy kid who no one likes finds a rare/primary Shinki (he finds Arnval, one of the first 2 Shinkis in real life). Perhaps he’ll go on to be a “Shinki Master” or something.

There’s a brief battle animation at the start of the episode, and the show ends with a bunch of evil scientists (Konami execs) saying how Shinki’s shouldn’t have free will and ordering a Shinki (Straf, the other first edition Shinki) to hunt down and retrieve the stray.

For what it is, the episode was okay. Hopefully, the shorter episode run time would mean that we wouldn’t be subjected to Yu Gi Oh style battles where Arnval uses her magic main character friendship powers to win every fight as if she were a “battousai”. Personally, I’m hoping for an actual plot with animated and choreographed battle sequences.


Yeah, I’m going there. Live action baby.

Well, live action in the same sense as Moyashimon Live was live action. Like Moyashimon Live, Kamen Rider Fourze is very much an anime in all but actually being animated. In this case, it’s pretty much a shounen violent sports anime.

You’ve got the hot bloody and very animated main character. The “genki” girl. And the emo guy. Together, these three go to a school where the students pretty much run the asylum (like just about every anime/manga premise) and everyone’s segregated into specific groups. There’s the delinquents, the musclebound health freaks, the gals & pals, the NEEEEEEEERDS, the otaku (used in the context of “freaky enthusiasts” as opposed to geeks) and of course, the “royalty”, who are composed of the cheerleaders and the American football club.

While I have no idea how the rest of this series will turn out, I’d totally recommend at least this first episode for those who enjoyed Moyashimon Live.


More of the same as season 1. The first ep (pre-air) of season 2 is a reintroduction of sorts. Basically, they just recap all the running jokes. I particularly like it for the fact that the good natured ribbing that the characters do are also kinda mean. That’s one of the reasons why Working!! worked. It wasn’t as saccharine to the point of unbelievability the way K-On!! was. There’s a certain malice in their mocking of Poplar that on the surface, is just cute teasing. The malice seemed extra evident in this episode though.

Well, hopefully season 2 won’t devolve into a horrible pile of crap like the second season of Baka to Test II was. Baka II’s problem was that it utterly missed the point of what made season 1 decent. While the romance angle in Working!! season 1 was well done, hopefully it won’t be immediately revisited and forced down our throats for season 2.

Now, refer to the screen capture above. See that guy/gal sitting on the right? That is TOTALLY Joey Jones from Heroman. And as established here, Working!! is set in the Kill Bill/Tarantino universe.

So if you ever wondered how the brother from Heroman suddenly became a badass fighter, well, he obviously went and got some training from Pai Mei’s daughter off screen.

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