It’s The Ending We Need

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Sep 112011

Wild Tiger is dead.

Spoiler Alert.

But before we talk about that, let’s talk about something else: Why in the hell is Maverick working with this NEXT-hating, robot-fetishist asshole?

Seriously, this dude takes every chance he gets to spout his anti-NEXT bullshit. Maverick’s clearly using the dude just for his robotics expertise, and it doesn’t seem like he knows that Maverick’s a NEXT as well, so here’s my last crazy conspiracy theory for Tiger and Bunny:

This guy’s gonna take the fall for everything. Somehow, even if the heroes beat the shit out of Maverick and cause him to slink away defeated, he’s not gonna take the fall. All of the blame will be placed on the shoulders of this anti-NEXT extremist. All of the evidence will point to him, what with the robots and all, and there will be no hard proof of Maverick’s mind control. Maverick has way too much political and financial influence to be convicted of these crimes based solely on the word of a few individuals.

So, barring Lunatic busting onto the scene and murdering Maverick in cold blood, I don’t see this as being Maverick’s downfall. He’s probably been anticipating this as a possible scenario. The dude’s smart enough to have a contingency plan: Put everything on his co-conspirator, take all of his robotics knowledge, use it for future plans, and retreat back into a more opportune position. He’ll probably retire from his position running Hero TV and use his position in society to further the goals of Ouroboros. It’ll lead to something of a cold war between him and the heroes. They know he’s behind all of this, but there’s little they can do about it other than to return to business as usual while working behind the scenes to find hard evidence against Maverick.

But Kotetsu isn’t gonna be there to further this plight against Maverick and Ouroboros. Or, at least, he shouldn’t be there. Now that they’ve gone this far, the writers need to off him. At least until the next season.

Superheroes come back from the dead all the time, so I don’t expect Tiger to be dead permanently. But at the same time, superheroes rarely “seem” to die only to get miraculously healed at the last minute. When Jean Grey dies and comes back, there’s some time between death and resurrection. When Bucky finally came back from the dead, it was decades later. There’s always that time of mourning that lets the sacrifice some semblance of meaning, so given Tiger and Bunny’s heavy reliance on superhero comics contrivances, I can’t see Kotetsu making a miraculous recovery in the last episode.

That, and everything that’s been leading up to this episode has basically spelled out Kotetsu’s fate: retire or die. There was no way that he was gonna continue being a hero after the end of this season. He’s dead set (ahahaha, dead) on returning to his hometown, raising his daughter, and being the man he always meant to be. He wasn’t gonna get a “things go on as they’ve always have” open ending– his life as a hero was over one way or another. If he hadn’t made the sacrifice in this episode I would be perfectly fine with him having a happy ending. He’s earned it. But now that he’s made that sacrifice, he’s earned that heroic death. He needs that heroic death to complete his character arc. If they pull a miracle out of their asses as save him, it’d not only cheapen his sacrifice, it’d cheapen everything that’d happened leading up to that sacrifice.

At least if he stays dead for awhile. If they go through with a potential sequel, I would have no issue with Tiger returning at, like, the mid-season climax.

Here’s how I’d have a second season play out, assuming Tiger goes kaput:

Flash forward several years. Kaede’s training to join the cast of Hero TV, and she’s taken under the wing of the now-retired Rock Bison. It’d be like Wolverine and Shadowcat (Or Jubilee. Or whatever other jailbait X-Man Wolverine has taken in over the years to satiate his father figure fetish.). Hell, that’d be the perfect way to expand his character, by having him talk about the old days with Kotetsu. You could have flashbacks and all that, so Kotetsu would still be in the series despite being dead. Then, at the halfway point, they could reveal that they were able to keep Tiger alive, but barely, and he’s been augmented by technology taken from the anti-NEXT dude’s robotics development. Maybe he’s been brainwashed by Maverick to forget who he is (Completing the whole identity crisis thing he had earlier in this season). Blahblahblah, they’re able to bring him back, restore memores, etc etc. It’d fit the superhero mold without completely cheaping out and saving him at the last minute in the final episode of the first season.

Everyone’d get what they want. The crybabies would get to see Kotetsu alive again while the sadists like me would get the satisfaction of knowing that he did die when he sacrificed himself. It’s a win-win. A miracle would be a lose-suck.

Also: Loved the back and forth Tiger and Bunny had as Tiger died. Those were some good death lines. Pity I hate rice or I’d down me some right now.