A Nightmare on ~Tamayura~ Street

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Oct 042011

Tamayura has, like, the perfect horror movie set-up.

Here’s what we have in the first ten minutes of this damn thing:

  • The main character’s father is dead.
  • Before dying, he taught his daughter about “children of light,” beings that only appear in photos.
  • The daughter has recently picked back up photography upon the eve of starting high school.
  • The daughter is also returning to her old home town.
  • Said home town is where she learned about the “tamayura.”
  • The daughter conveniently gains entrance to her home town’s high school on seemingly short notice with the aid of a relative.
  • An old friend contacts the daughter and gives her a bus ticket without a destination.

So we have a protagonist returning to her home town to pursue what basically amounts to ghost hunting (Taking photos in hopes of seeing these tamayura.). Isn’t the shit perfect for a House-like horror movie? Young, fetish-ready schoolgirl stereotypes are being positioned to be offed one by one by these horrors from beyond time and space that can only be seen through outdated camera lenses. Like, wasn’t there a video game that had this exact plot? I think it was called Fatal Frame when it was released in the US.

It’s a shame that this is being wasted on what I’m assuming is yet another “cute girls do cute shit to each other in a polite, agonizingly slow manner” series. I’d love for this thing to take a sudden turn, like, three episodes in and we start seeing some whacked out paranormal mayhem or some shit.

Anyway, I should have expected that when I saw the title for this thing. Horror stories don’t have tildes in their titles. If that were the case we’d have titles like A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 ~The Dream Child~.

Yeah. I just repeated a joke I made on Twitter. Hey, I thought it was clever.

>But yeah, I quit watching this thing halfway through the first episode. That was when I realized it was the TV version of that fucking OVA I saw months ago where one of the chicks communicated through whistling. I’m pretty sure that shtick is the moe equivalent of jumping the shark.

What would you call that? Jumping the uguu?