Oct 272011

Meant to do something “special” when this joint hit its two-year anniversary back on the 15th. I was gonna do some elaborate scheme where I claimed that this thing had been around for decades and I would link to posts that I had “written” during various points in the past. I would have gone way back to, like, Astro Boy or something like that. You know, something stupid to amuse me briefly before getting distracted by something shinier.

The catch is that said distraction came before I ever launched into said scheme and I forgot all about it until I decided it was high time I wrote something about entering the terrible twos.

So yeah, Mecha Guignol is two years old. It’s a horrific toddler running rampant, demanding to buy ever damn action figure on the toy aisle and spilling orange juice all over my carpet. And just like that kind of obnoxious hellspawn of a child, I love it despite its oppressive presence. And just like any parent who is dealing with such a horrible and beautiful situation, I’m reaching out to others to see what in the hell I should do with this thing. Doesn’t matter if they know what they’re doing or if they even have “kids” of their own, I just wanna hear what peeps have to say.

I got a relatively firm grasp of what I wanna do with this place. Which is to say I wanna keep with my meandering, write-about-whatever-the-fuck-I-wanna style. I blog about new series, but I don’t do the whole “episodic” thing since I rarely have anything to say about every episode of a series. But maybe that could change? That’s why I’m here asking y’all. Maybe that’s something I could do.

I also wanna stick with posting “random” shit like stuff on card games or video games or whatever else that has a loose-at-best connection to anime. I’ve been meaning to do some more fighting game-related posts and just haven’t gotten around to them. Then again, maybe y’all hate that shit. Again, I’m looking to see what y’all think.

And I really dig talking about old anime. I should get around to finishing up my Space Adventure Cobra posts, and I wanna do some stuff on Dirty Pair. Not that anyone’ll read or respond to them, but that’s never stopped me before. Or maybe it should. Blahblah what do y’all think.

Or maybe there’s something I’m completely missing. I’m willing to bet there’s something that I’m looking right at but I’m incapable of seeing. Is there anything y’all think that I should do that I’ve yet to do yet? Some manner of post or series of posts that fits my shtick to a T but I’ve yet to tackle? That’d be awesome if someone would slap me across the face with the obvious like that.

So, what should I do with this joint? What can I improve? What sucks about it? What rocks? Tell me stuff, my minions!

Also, I was this close to renaming my blog Jet Piranha. But I didn’t. Now there’s an alternate universe where I did rename the blog and by doing so it became ultra-world famous and made millions of dollars for me. Damn you, alternate universe me.

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