Nov 052011

I should have seen the connection between Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei and Haiyore Nyaruani right away. They’re both done by the same anime studio that specializes in these cheaply done, 5 minute episode Flash series. Also, they’re both about the mundane clashing with horrors man was not meant to know about.

But I’m a fucking moron and didn’t catch the connection until Honto ni Atta! busted out a reference to the Sega Nomad.

You see plenty of references to video games in anime. Blame it on the fact that we anime fans are lifeless nerds whose only form of entertainment consists of various forms of animation, be it drawn, pixellated, or computer generated. But you only see the usual suspects. Someone’ll be playing something resembling a Playstation or Game Boy or whatever. Maybe someone’ll go old school and have a Sega system like a Genesis or something like that. But Nyarlko and Honto ni Atta! give those assumptions the middle finger and bust out some downright esoteric references. Nyarlko did a whole bit based around the WonderSwan, and tossed in some Virtual Boy bits as well. Not only did Honto ni Atta! pull the same Virtual Boy riff (I think they even used the same mock-censored pixellated image.), it descended even further down the path of portable gaming obscurity.

During the episode where the awesomely-fucked-up occultist teacher main character brings a Zashiki Warashi to the school. The evil spirit thing proceeds to “update” everything in the school in order to make it a better place to live, but it does it with the usual unexpected effects: clocks become digital, the leaky faucet becomes even worse (thus perfecting its leakiness), and the blonde foreign girl who has a fetish for retro gaming has her Game Gear turned into a Nomad. Because, y’know, the Game Gear was Sega’s first attempt at a portable system and the Nomad was its second.

And I found that to be the height of hilarity. Seriously. It was damn funny.

As for the rest of Honto ni Atta!, it was the sort of mean-spirited, quirky, evil-infused shit that I love. Chick who digs the occult gets a job as a home room teacher. She does her occult shit. Kids get possessed by Nobunaga. Alien cats try to invade Earth. It’s pretty good for one of these quick Flash series. Not as good as, say, Kogepan, but awesome in its own right. Not much else to say about it beyond that. Funny shit.

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