Wednesday Morning Pony Cult – Part 2

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Nov 162011

Something’s lurking below the surface of My Little Pony. It may be my personal biases starting to color things in the wrong light, so take what I’m about to say with a healthy dose of “what the fuck is he saying?”

For the most part, episodes 6-10 of the series are more of the same. We get the same morals, such as when Twilight Sparkle learns that it’s fine to be a show-off so long as you aren’t a dick about it. We even get some stuff about racism, where the ponies realize that zebras are just as prone to preachy endings as any other anthropomorphized horse. Characters had more chances to show their stuff. Real chemistry is starting to form between the characters. But something bothered me about these episodes. Bothersome in a fascinating way.

It started with the Fluttershy episode. A dragon moves into the neighborhood and starts spewing smoke and polluting the air in Ponyville. This dragon brings great wealth with him, but the ponies aren’t concerned with his riches. All they care about is the pollution he’s creating. It’s a perfectly understandable reaction, although I have to wonder why the pegasus ponies are helpless to deal with this smog (Isn’t it their jobs to clean the skies?). So the ponies try to reason with the dragon to reduce his pollution production.

The catch is that they want the dragon to simply go away and move to another area. They don’t want to work with the dragon. They don’t care about any kind of productive, economical advantages he might bring with his treasure. They just want clean air that the pegasi are too lazy to clean.

See, the dragon is essentially a metaphor for a factory, and the ponies are the USA. They’re preoccupied with the environmental impact of the dragon and don’t realize the benefits of the dragon’s presence. Maybe the dragon is benevolent (In fact, once they encounter him he seems that way), so maybe he could share his wealth or become a tourist attraction. And if he was a malevolent dragon, adventurers could travel from abroad and use Ponyville as a waypoint on their dragon-hunting quest. Either way, the dragon was going to be some sort of economical boon to Ponyville.

But no, the ponies only cared about their clean air. So they booted the dragon from town so he could pollute elsewhere. It’s not unlike factories being driven out of the US and into the waiting arms of other countries that are all too eager to weather some pollution and other problems if it means economic growth.

My Little Pony is presenting this situation as a good thing. The show wants little kids to look at this situation and say “Yay! The big, bad polluter is gone to some other magical place and away from us! I want real life to be that way as well!” The series is training kids to be accepting of the changing economic climate of the world. It wants kids to like the fact that the US is losing production jobs to other countries.

And this is exactly what the globalist Illuminati conspiracies want. They want an entire generation brainwashed into believing that the world’s problems are a good thing. It’s OK to live in a country where you can’t get a job because that means it’s clean and shiny just like your precious Ponyville.

My Little Pony is a vicious Illuminati brainwashing experiment. And I need to watch more to see where its horrific agenda leads.

Also: my favorite pony is Rarity.