Revenge of the 12 Days – Day 9 – I Was a Thirtysomething Brony (not)

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Dec 172011

I like My Little Pony. I was weary of it at first, since I fucking hate memes and shit like that. I figured, if those 4chan assholes love this stuff, there must be something wrong with it.

Then a few of my online buddies started saying it was good. I was resistant. They were the same ones who tried to get me to watch stuff like Dr. Who, and that didn’t go over very well. But then came what I like to call my yearly “exile.”

I go on a couple of lengthy business trips every year. This year, two of them lasted well over a month. I was cooped up in Lansing, Michigan during both trips, and I get desperately bored on the weekends. I loathe playing tourist, so I don’t go for things like visiting local parks, scenic sites, and whatnot. I hit up a local casino a couple of times, but that was about it. And while I like my co-workers, most of them are far from being my age and even further away from my taste in recreational shit.

And it was in the midst of this boredom that I finally caved in and watched an episode of My Little Pony. And I kinda liked it. My friends had me watch the two-part season two premiere. It had some snark and bite to it. It wasn’t the sort of “furries being insufferably nice to each other” banality fest I had been led to believe it was based on fan reactions. So I watched a couple of more episodes. And they were decent as well.

By the time I got home from that trip, I was willing to give the whole series a try. I soon found out that the episodes they told me to watch were “hand selected” to try to get me to convert to the pony cult, since they knew that the sense of humor in those episodes hit closer to my own than most of the other episodes. Still, that didn’t stop me from barreling through the whole series over the course of about two weeks. The end result was my three-part thing I posted awhile back.

Best way to figure out whether I like a series or not: I make crazy, idiotic conspiracy theories based on what’s going on. And that’s exactly what I did with My Little Pony. It’s shockingly good stuff.

Also: Rarity is still my favorite pony.